Monday, January 30, 2006

introduction to affiliates marketing

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Monday January 30 2006
Over the past little while I've been doing ALOT of reading online, about how people are making money on the internet. I've come across the crazy sites. ie: make millions in 24 hrs. And the more sensible ones. "you can do this but it takes lots of work"- to me these sound a little more reasonable and REAL. I like things that work. I dont buy into all the hype and im not going to spend loads of money buying all the packages I come across. For me personally?, I like sites that explain what to do, how to do it. and offer help on how to do it, ie tips, newsletters, forums. Maybe like me you're INCREDIBLY skeptical, about any or maybe all of this. So look for legitimate sites, not just sites that are asking for your money.
After all the reading I've done I've found that alot of the sites I've read are more or less the same offering more or less the same info.
Of course people are going to jump on the band wagon and offer you re-hashed info, that they bought from some other place and repacked it themselves. Fair enough and it does look like good info.....

Like me you have visited a website. Looking for what ever information floats your boat, and you've run into advertising of one sort or another. Usually in the form of garish, ugly or flashing banners ( I hate those too).
Maybe unlike you I click on those nasty little ads. Ooooo shiny object. (ya I'm amused easily). Usually to find out what's being offered.
But recently I've been intrigued by HOW exactly is it that website owners can afford to to maintain and run a website. You have to account for the fact that hosting costs money, bandwidth costs money. Website creation, if you don't do it yourself costs money. So how is it then that website owners can afford to keep their website up and running.
Aside from all the free bee's from your ISP or yahoo and the likes.

Ok so there's Advertising IE google ads, called google adwords you've seen on websites . With Google Adsense they apply the appropriate ad to your site, kind of like Yahoo does.
OR for a good example MSN communities. Look at the top of those sites and voila !!!!! ADS!!!. So you click on that link go buy something, or sign up for something and the referring website gets paid a percent (commission)
Pretty straight forward huh

Why have I been curious ? well for two reasons
1.) I want to start my own website
2.) I don't have the deep pockets to float the associated costs with running a website.
3.) I'm a genuinely curious person, ok that was three.

Affiliate advertising
Another way I have discovered is by a method called affiliate advertising. What this is , is a way that online merchants like or website owners (maybe like you) that have something sell, use to get other website owners to drive business to their websites. So when someone clicks on that amazon link from an outside site , another website owners. Then go and buy a book or whatever it is that amazon has to sell, the referrer (affiliate of amazon) gets a commission. Pretty sweet huh. So by example lets say I had a website and on the website was a link to amazon, you go click on that link go buy something from amazon then I get a commission from amazon for referring you there !!!

In later posts I'll review some of the methods i have come across that web site owners are using to make their money.


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