Saturday, February 04, 2006

How to get started in affiliate marketing !!!

Wow its been a few days !! What can I say we live in a busy world huh !

Ok so today more on Affiliate marketing.
Alright so maybe you're deciding if or if not to get into to this crazy world of affiliate marketing.
Well let me tell you this IF is the middle word in life. (quote from apocalypse now- great movie by the way).
Like me I'm sure you've mentioned the idea to some friends or families, and they scoffed at the idea right?. Well I know some of my friends have. BAH on them is what I say. Keep in mind people are afraid to get scammed or are afraid of what they don't understand. Fair enough and I'm not gonna fault them for it either. There are alot of scams around. But what they DO NOT KNOW is this: that there are loads of BIG Brand name companies out there that are willing to pay you to refer people to their sites so they can purchase a product or a service.

For example:
RealPlayer Plus
old navy
The gap
....... the list goes on

What I suggest you do is this: select your favourite retailer, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for a link that says affiliates. Just to prove to yourself that I'm not BSing you.

Day in and day out hundreds and even thousands of "affliates" are making money by just referring buyers and sellers to sites. You can too.

Have you done that yet? You did? Awesome !!! Well you're already half the way there !!
So what do you do next?

Next I suggest you set up accounts with PayPal, clickbank, and commission junction. You'll need these accounts because the merchants you chose to affiliate for will need an account to deposit your commissions to, or information as to how and where they can send your checks !
On top of that you'll receive an affiliate ID (identity) that you'll need to add to the merchants referring link. DUh yeah how else do you think the merchant will know who referred them and better yet WHO TO PAY. See its not all that hard now is it.


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