Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Super affiliate hand book review

Rosalind Gardner is a real success story, and a real person !.
She has been very successful with affiliate marketing and now gives it all up in the Super Affiliate Handbook.
How successful? Well how about $436,797 I’d call that a true success story.

NO B.S. Rosalind works ( did I say that 4 letter word) hard and reaps the benefits of her hard work.
Finally !!! you get to learn from somebody who walks her talk with The facts to back them up.

I'm not a fan of those overly wordy e-books that go on forever pre-selling their own products and go on at length about stuff you can find in most any forum. I prefer useful information short and to the point. This is what Rosalind delivers.

Its 268 pages of great taste-less filling information and help. The super affiliate handbook is broken up into short chapters which flow quickly flick from one topic to another.

What struck me as important that you won’t find in most of the e-books out there is the stressed importance she places on building an opt-in list. This is the life blood of any affiliate marketer. If you were going to buy the book for one thing and one thingy only I’d say that the section on building an opt in list is the thing !!

The chapters read like this:
Let's Talk Business
Affiliate Business Basics
Setting Up Shop
Researching Profitable Ideas
Where To Find Products and Services To Sell
How To Choose Programs and Products
Domain Issues
Plan Your Website
Build Your Website
Turn Clicks Into Customers
28 Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Business
Manage Your Affiliate Business
Grow Your Business

As you can see Rosalind covers all the bases. She runs a step-by-step approach. Of creating, running and managing an Online affiliate business Each chapter bilds upon the one the one before it teaching you the all tools and skills you'll need to be up and running in a short period of time.

In short: The super affiliate handbook is an easy to read guide to planning, starting and running your own online affiliate business. Learn from the someone who earned over $436,000 . The proof is in the pudding.

As an added bonus!! Rosalind has her own newsletter, blog and forum. Click here for access. Oh did I mention that she also has free content for your use !!!

To find out more about the superaffiliate handbook click here


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