Saturday, March 11, 2006

Traffic Blasters

Traffic Blasters
What does a traffic blaster do? their ads are "blasted" through the internetwebblogosphere.
Just google this word see what you'll get.
Traffic blasters are supposed to “blast” your site to a gajillion search engines, and classifieds, and a whack of other places All by clickity clicking your mouse. Oh did I mention for the minimal fee of $29.95.
And sell the “blast” like the latest internet crack, they do.
Lets do the math on this:, IF, lets say you could “blast” an add to a gajjillion viewers, why would you sell it for 29.95$. Unless of course you spend WAY to much time watching late night info-mercials.
Ok theres lots of internet crack out there. And I hate to make you sober up so fast, but there is NO MAGIC PILL.
You can't pay a fee then click a button and presto the money comes rolling in. It just doesn't work like that.


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