Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blogging to the bank Review

Rob Benwell's new ebook, Blogging to the bank
is intriguing.Rob earns up to $516 a day from a network of blogs.
What's intriguing about this is that he's not a longtime blogging guru. He's been blogging for only a few months. He didn't learn the process he uses from anyone else."I came across parts of this method by accident and just testing different things," he says. In one experiment, he found he got a blog with 20 links to it to outrank an optimized website which had 1,000 links to it. Surprisingly, he uses and recommends Google's Blogger.comsoftware - because it works - and also a no-cost keyword researchtool.

To back up his claims, he shows you four of his blogs and also shows you two of his high-demand key phrases that rank highly. I checked. Yes, his blogs DO appear in the top 10 in MSN for high-demand phrases. For one phrase (using quotation marks) he's No.6 out of 774,216pages. If you search without quotation marks, he's beating millions of pages. What's more, he's doing this with a NEW blog.
I checked the profiles of four of his blogs. They were all launched in January this year.
Rob uses AdSense and affiliate links and has much better success with affiliate links than AdSense, perhaps because of the way inwhich he selects affiliate products.
For his traffic, he concentrates on MSN and Yahoo."Some people devote 60 hours per week trying to get into Google and trying to work out their exact algorithms," he says.
As far as he's concerned, his time is much better spent creating new blogs which get found in MSN and Yahoo. If the blogs eventually get into Google, he regards that as a bonus. In Blogging to the Bank, he describes three ethical ways to get hundreds or perhaps thousands of one-way links to your site. This is all good, solid stuff. However, his traffic generation methods No.4 and No.5 are - to put it mildly - controversial. You probably won't want to use them. They look awfully risky to me.
As a partly reformed perfectionist, I can't help looking at Rob's blogs and seeing typing mistakes, grammatical errors, design flaws... The blogs look, well, rushed.The whole process he's developed seems too darn simple - but it WORKS.
He shows you the results to prove it.
It's fascinating that he does it using free software,without buying domain names, without buying web hosting, without buying advertising. Rob's ebook is a very quick read - only 39 pages.
It includes screenshots showing you how he sets up a blog. There's no fluff. If your online results aren't as good as his, I strongly recommend you check out what he's doing. It's a cheap way of getting revenue coming in fast.
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