Saturday, February 18, 2006

find a need fill a need

Find a need fill a need
I was watching a movie with my 5 year old, the movie Robots (gotta see it its sooooo funny) and something one of the characters said (mr big bolts) dawned on me as very true. This is what he said "find a need fill a need" This so VERY TRUE.
And this is exactly what the job of an affiliate marketer is. Find a need and fill a need.
Use yourself as an example of this. Remember the last time you entered a search into your favourite search engine. Were'nt you looking for "something" a solution to a problem or need.
You probably werent looking for just a "product" but were looking to solve some problem or fill a need.
I think this is where most affiliate marketers go off the tracks. They read some product sales letter sign up for the affiliate program and are convinced that immediately they're gonna make a gajjiliion bux. WRONG, well only partially wrong. They'll make that gajillion bux if theyre filling a need in the right market. or Niche.

Lets look at a real world example of this. By day, yeah I'm a 9-5'r, I'm a mechanical contractor, (plumber ) I prefer the term home comfort specialist, :P. People call ME why?

A.) we have a good name in the ottawa area.
B.) we have an established customer base - 60 yrs and running.
C.) our customers have problems they need solutions to.
D.) we have contractors that refer work to us, or give us work
E.) we provide a high quality product in exchange for money
F.) we get great word of mouth advertising. TO be honest! we spend very little on print advertising and we don't have a website

I know this isnt rocket science, but i'll bet its what you're running into. Probably asking yourself how come no sales... do the math.
If you're trying to sell ice to eskimoes, you'll come up empty handed and broke.
If you're trying to sell fish to the hungry you might do better.
Try teaching the hungry to fish and I'll bet you'll do great.

so now you're thinking yeah ok this is fine and good, where do I find those people, or traffic for my site or product or solution?

Find a need fill a need

start living your dreams by helping people find real soultions to their problems today!!

Well for starters, trying figuring out what people need or want. There some popular niches out there. This is gonna sound horrible, but people are selfish, when theyre searching. me me me me me .

I want better looks
I want more sex, better sex.
I want to lose weight.
I want to make money.
I want to get out of debt.
I want a better job or better paying paying job.
I want to grow my hair back

Find a need fill a need

start living your dreams by helping people find real soultions to their problems today!!

What do you want? I'll bet theres a niche for it.
I know this may sound crass too, but I bet it's true. Do you day dream of being stupidly rich. Ever discuss with your friends what you'd do with a million bux, who hasn't. Do you buy a lottery ticket? I'll bet you don't. I know I do all the above and while its good to have dreams, dreamers don't make dreams come true believers do, sounds corny, it's something my mom said to me when i was a kid. But it is TRUE.
Do something right now, and do something every day that'll get you to where you want to be in the future. And sure as shit you'll be there !!!


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