Saturday, February 18, 2006

How effective is adense really

I was surfing today looking at sites for structure and what not, and it dawned on me of all the sites I was looking at, that had adsense I cannot say I ever clicked on one of them.
Is it just me, or is adsense getting itself into a sort of dead zone. Where the visitor is just so used to seeing them that theyre rarely if ever clicked on.
Kinda like banners Im sure i have seen them but not really, know what I mean.
Im starting to wonder if or not to put adsense on my site. Or is it just me.
I want content not ads. I want answers to questions not blocks of ads. I want products not ads.
When im watching the tube I flip at commercials till I find a show thats on while I wait for the commercials to be done with on the first show i was watching.
AM I a freak or is this a behaviour with net roamers too.

Adwords Secrets Revealed

Ok so I ranted about ads. Now try this, approach sites from the view point of a user. Or have a friend visit some sites that are optimized for adsense. And watch which links they click on. Or just ask them which they clicked on.


Anonymous Gabi said...

Hi Shane, Have you seen the hit rush on your freeadvertisingforum ad last night...? :) I'd say you "owe" me 8 "real" hits (the rest 40 were just "lobby" hits)... As you have seen you can get people curious, or...? :) Gabi mail: rumelan at yahoo dot com

February 19, 2006 4:57 PM  
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