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15 reasons to become an Affiliate Marketer

15 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer- by Rosalind GardnerĀ©
2004 Rosalind Gardner - All Rights reserved

There are HUGE benefits to promoting affiliate programs with your own home-based Internet business, and I've comeup with a list of 15 great reasons to become an affiliatemarketer.
Let's look at each reason separately:

1. No Production Costs - The cost to develop and produce a new product is prohibitive for almost anyone who wants tostart a home-based business. With affiliate programs,production costs aren't an issue. The product has beendeveloped and proven - all on the merchant's nickel.

2. Low Cost Set-up - Compared with building a brick andmortar store, starting a home-based Internet business isrelatively cheap. You probably already have a desk,Internet-connected computer and word-processing software,which is all the equipment you may need.

3. No Fees for Joining or Licenses to Buy - I oftencompare doing business as an affiliate, with distributing aline of products in the real world. The biggest differenceis that the distributor must often pay for a license todistribute products within a limited geographic region.Affiliate programs, on the other hand, are usually free tojoin, and geographic market reach is limited only by theaffiliate's ability to promote his web site.

4. Choose From Thousands of Products and Services - Whatisn't sold online? That list must be shorter than the onedescribing all that IS sold online. There are thousands andthousands of affiliate programs selling every product underthe sun. That makes it easy to find products related toyour current or planned web site.

5. No Sales Experience Needed - When I started my affiliatebusiness, I had absolutely no sales experience. That wasn'ta problem, however. The companies I affiliated withprovided excellent marketing material. Using their salescopy, I was able to get my first affiliate site up in lessthan a day.

6. No Employees - The largest expense of most businesses isemployee salaries. Although there might be times when youneed or want someone to work for you as an affiliate, it'sdoubtful you'll ever have to worry about hiring full orpart-time employees. When you have a project you want to hire out, it is easy to find specialists in every computer-related field who can work for you from the comfort ofTHEIR own homes. You pay only for the project, and neverhave to worry about ongoing employee-related benefits anddeductions.

7. No Expensive Merchant Accounts Needed - Setting up amerchant account for any business is a time-consuming andcostly business. It's even more tedious for Internetbusinesses. However, merchant accounts aren't a concernwhen you're an affiliate. The merchant bears that cost andhandles all processing of payments. You never have to losesleep over potential chargebacks, fraud or losing yourmerchant account when you're an affiliate.

8. No Inventory to Carry - Even if you live in a small one-bedroom apartment, as an affiliate you can sell large itemswithout storage concerns.

9. No Order-Processing - Forget the problems associatedwith collecting and storing names, addresses, credit cardnumbers, etc. The merchant does all that!

10. No Product Shipping - The cost and hassle to prepareand ship products to customers worldwide could bestaggering. Affiliates never have to worry about packagingsupplies or postal rates.

11. No Customer Service Concerns - Do you hate the prospectof dealing with nasty people or customer complaints? Don'tworry about it! The merchant handles the snivelers.

12. Make Money While You Sleep - What other business allowsyou as a sole proprietor to keep your doors open and keepmaking money even when you take breaks or after you go homefor the night?

13. The World at Your Doorstep - The Internet is theworld's largest marketplace. You can drive more visitors toyour online store in a day, than many small-town merchantssees in his or her brick and mortar business in a year.

14. Minimal Risk - The product you chose isn't makingmoney? Dump it. Take down your links and promote another!It's that easy. There are no long-term contracts bindingyou to products that don't sell.

15. High Income Potential - If you have a job, your salary or hourly wage is probably pre-determined. Maybe there'snot much, other than working overtime, that you can do to increase your income.

With your own affiliate business on the Internet your income potential is limited only by your desire, effort and imagination.

There you have them - all the good reasons to start your own online affiliate marketing business. Start today and benefit from this incredibly simple, cost-effective business opportunity known as affiliate marketing. The time is right, and the time is now.

--Article excerpted from Rosalind Gardner's "Super AffiliateHandbook: How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling OtherPeople's Products Online".

Rosalind is the 'Net's most recognized expert on successful online selling as an affiliate marketer.Visit her site at:


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Blogger shannon said...

it sounds like a really good plan, but be careful, you may have to watch out for credit card processing fees. even though it says that they cover all merchant account costs, you could still be charged if your sales exceed a specific monthly volume in some, but not all of these types of business ventures.

February 03, 2008 7:19 PM  

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