Saturday, March 04, 2006

Radio Station Rant

OK today I'm gonna take advantage of the fact taht I have a blog to ranr and rave.

I live in Ottawa (Canada's capital, nice place you should visit it) there are basically 5 radio stations on the fm band.

Chez 106
The bear
Kiss Fm
Hot 89.9
live 88.5
and bob fm 93.9
Ok that was 6

You'd think with having 5 stations to listen to that you'd have some musical variety while driving about doing whatever it is that you do during the day or on weekends.
WRONG. For the longest while I was listening to the bear. and it was all good, great music selection on the new genre's BUT then it all changed. The bear started to compete with chez ( ottawa's classic rock station) they started to play pink floyd zeppelin, black sabbath, ozzie etc etc. Basically trying to compete with chez. Chez has been around since i was in my teens. Im 40 now. Crap I'm getting old huh :-P So now when Im listening to the bear and Floyd comes on I flip to chez, Guess what chez is playing, you got it. SO ok I flip to another station. And theyre either playing Knickel back's "this is how you remind me" Which in ottawa is just OVER KILL or theyre playing Cold play , which also is or is closely getting OVERKILLED too.. SO again I flip to another stion and theyre playing John cougar "jack and diane" ARRRRRGHHHH it is just driving me nuts !!!

Ok so where Am I going with this?. Well my wife and I have discussed and we're going to get satellite raio. Free Online Trial of SIRIUS' 100% Commercial-Free Music I think it is about time that the radio stions get competition Im so tired of the same nonsense being played in a 4 hr rotation. Christ you can set your clock by their rotations !! SO what I say is this why dont we all band togethor and start getting the word out there that there is an alternative to the crap on the radio and cut through the endless BS " coming up next a 45 commercial free rock mix" yeah like I wanna listen to the latest OVERKILL on your station and have to endure it again in 4 hrs..
Try Sirius radio
Free Trial - Sirius


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you posted this a long time ago...but i just came across it! anyway...maybe if you locked your radio on live 88.5 for a few days youd realize that there is pretty much NO repetition OR overkill...its awesome! also...there are plenty of other stations there too eh: cbc radio 1 &2, jack-fm, chuo, ckcu, ckdj, 98.5 the jewel, magic 100, Y101, 101.5 the fox, energie104, cfra, oldies1310, team1200...and likely more...thats all i can think of at the moment (in addition to the ones you alredy listed)
but 88.5...awesome

May 17, 2006 1:17 AM  
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