Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blog Explosion !!

Hey gang !!
I was surfing last night for places to ping my blog, I dont remember the keyword I used... but I found Blog explosion. Here's how it works. You register(obiviously) upload your blog title. Then you can surf blogs to get credits, or earn credits that allow you to upload a banner, to get your blogger noticed, theres games you play online to earn your blog credits as well. You can refer others to your blog that also get you credits to get your blog noticed. I love this program. If you're anything like me and enjoy reading blogs, then this is great for you. You can surf by category or just randomly. Which I found a hoot last night.
So I suggest you try it out Blogexplosion.

While I'm at it.
Do you have any great suggestions for blog submission sites or ping services. You use or would like to reccomend to others


Anonymous Scott Arthur Edwards said...

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April 11, 2006 2:33 AM  

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