Sunday, March 05, 2006

The long winded sales page contest

Hey gang !!
Yesterday I was surfing my favourites folder looking for an affiliate product I think I misplaced in my favourites menu. I never did find it :-P.
I try to keep my faves "organized" you know so I can find things later.
Good lord do I ever have a load of them too.
I'm sure I was a squirrel in another life.
Its actually a bone of contention here on the range.
My significant other is amazed by what I keep or wont throw away "cause I might need it later", I think I get it from my dad. Anyways thats another post for another day.

So anyways in the search, it dawned on me that MAN there some LONG winded sales pages out there !! I mean really how long do these pages REALLY need to be and do the creators of these sales pitches really think the average jo has the time to read through them?

I'll tell you from my own surfing experience what I DO.
I open one of these links see the name of the product, read the first few lines to get the feel of it, then look over to the side bar scroll box thingy look at how small or big it is then start scrolling through the endless testemonials, and click bank "look at how much money I'm gonna make if you buy this product" ;-P.
and get to the bottom of the page to see how much this is gonna cost me?!!

JUST get to the POINT will ya already !!

YA I might be a bit of an idiot
So I thought it might be a fun thing to have a contest to run !!

Who has the longest winded sales page?.
I wont include any affiliate links. Just the URL !! I'm sure this is a bad idea. But oh well !!! you may actually find something you like and I'll lose the referral, BAH who cares this gonna be fun !!!

Add to this by posting a reply.
These arent in any order just the order in which I opened them.
So here we go !!
1.) the lazy pig 2,241 words
2.) google cash 4,371 words
3.) insider Secrets of an ebay millionaire 10,810 words !! wow that's gonna be tough to beat !!
4.) work at home dotcomology 2,548 words
5.) rush hour web traffic 2,349 words
6.) success university 3,343 words
6.) xsite pro 4,564 words ..... xsite pro is a great product!!!

Well there you haveit my top 6 picks.
Sheesh kind of a scary look at what I have in my faves. Aint it :-P


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