Monday, March 06, 2006

I've caught the marketing BUG

You know you have the marketing bug when:
everywhere you go and everything you do all you see or think about are marketing ideas and opportunities !!

Case in point:
On sunday I was doing groceries with the significant other, and our 5 year old boy.
So we're strolling down an aisle and what am I doing?, maybe I'm doing this unconciously but the important thing is I caught myself doing it!!
I was watching what my lil guy and the significant other were doing or looking at, with the can I sell that, is there an affiliate product or merchant for that?, point of view in mind.
So there we are in a loblaws (for those of who dont know what a loblaws is, its a HUGE grocery store, 100,00 sq footer. here in Canada) we round a corner and the little guy spys dvd's.
SO he jaunts off to go look I go with him. And what do you know !! he runs right to the bin that has TONS of dvd's for a dollar, why they were a dollar is BEYOND me. These were top rate dvds. The terminator platinum series, bruce willis tears of the sun, Caddy shack, Animal house. Just to name a few All for a dollar.!!! I could barely contain myself!!!
SO Im loading up on dvd's my sig other catches me and says "shaners, what the hell are you doing?!!".

I looked at her like she was on crack and said "duh I'm gonna sell these on ebay theyre only a freeking dollar !!!

insane huh.

I think this is a fairly common dimentia in marketers, or thats what I'm telling myself until I get into the therapy couch. The opportuinities are boundless I tell you !!!

Man they even had video games !! I'm gonna go back i think and get a few !!!

The point being though, that there are many places to find items to sell some of them are right under your nose, or in your local grocery store.

I'll rent my 5 yr old to you and he'll find some stuff for you to sell, I'm sure of it.

This also ties in nicely to my find a need fill a need post, scroll down and find it...

Kids are a great inspiration!! while I'm on the topic!!!

SO my significant other markets Party light candles. part time. She loves candles we burn LOADS of them. They're a consumable so people will always have to replace what they've burned !!!
We were dropping off the monster at day care, I'm barley awake in the passenger seat, having my morning Mocha.
She gets out and brings him in, about 2 mins later she returns I figured he left his snacks or some such in the car.
She leans in and asks me drive to the house and get a Partylight catalog, I asked what the hell for, its 7 am and I havent had a full pot of coffee yet ( what that had to do with anything is completely irrelevant, but it was the truth).
SO like a good lil robot I drive back home and grabbed a catalog, she brings it in, and comes back I ask her what the hell did he want a catalog for. ( i figured for craft day so he could cut out candles or something), Im so dull sometimes i know. Bear with me on this will ya its almost over.
SO she says to me, he asked me to grab one so he could give it to natalie (his day care teacher) I shrugged it off), so she gets a call later that week for a 15 person partlyight candle party, My significant other on the referral of our 5 yr old made 600 bux !!!!.
Yes we told him and took him to the sports store and bought him a snow board as a commish for the work he did !!
pretty cool huh !!
Axiom: Follow your kids, they'll lead you to money !!!
Ok I'm done now!!


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