Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tell me - is your site indexed with Google?

Do you know how to be sure?

OK. Here's a little known technique that will get your site
indexed with the world's leading search engine in 30 seconds
without you paying anything at all.

1. Download and install the Google Toolbar.
http://toolbar.google.com (make sure you get the right version
for your browser).

2. Install it

3. Type your website (just www.yoursite.com) into the toolbar
search box and click 'search'

If your site comes up in a new window then its already indexed
with Google. If, instead, you get a window saying 'Sorry, no
information is available for the URL...' then its not indexed.

BUT... the very action of searching for it using the Google
Toolbar will have got it indexed and will have put the Google's
spiders on standby ready to come out and inspect your site.

To check its worked, do the same exercise again in 3 days time
(everything always takes 72 hours on the web) and see what a
different result you get.

So there you go: A small step on the web but a big step for your


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