Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Affiliate Marketers Use Ebay for Immediate Indexing

I just found a very cool way to get your site indexed over at associate programs forum
1) Just post an auction / for sale posting on Ebay for selling ad space on your website
2) Since you're selling ad space you can definately put your full URL, hyperlinked to show bidders where their ads will be placed
3) You can even put links to individual pages
4) SE spiders will follow your listing and index your site very quickly

You don't REALLY need to be selling ad space, and you dont need to pay for anything other than the very basic listing which is a couple of cents in Ebay.

Nobody will ever see your listing because of how competitive ebay is right now, and considering the fact that you're not paying for the bold title, gallery listing and all the other feautres.

But the SE spiders will definately see your post, and follow through to index your site.

You can keep re-posting the same listing for regular indexing.

If someone actually BIDS on your posting, then you just got another source of revenue... lol...


One of my site got listed within 72 hours. I also posted a similar ad on other auction sites like Stormpay auctions. Do as many auction sites as you can... some of them are free.

As well you can use ebay to find a niche. With Auction Yen


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