Saturday, June 10, 2006

This affiliate marketer says thank you

And now for something completely different (to coin a phrase from the great monty python).
My posting hasnt been historically chatty. I try to stay away from the chatty end of blogging with this blog. Fisrt off I'd like to say Hi and thanks to my loyal readers on your favourite rss reader. Its always nice to see my readership grow. That says something ! I hope you're finding this blog helpful.
I do try hard to find content thats worthwhile. And I do spend quite sometime crafting my posts to make them useful. I hope you dont find the content too dry, I like to keep it factual, give my readers tip and tricks or ideas along with affiliate products to purchase and use for profit.
Recently (last click bank pay period) I made 12 sales !!! Much to my surprise. And to be very honest I have no idea where they came from!! I post around quite abit on various forums and other blogs. And I cant quite figure out where the sales came from. Any ideas on how I can track my adds ? My adsense earnings are quite funny really. Dont know If i'll ever see a check from google =}
Is there anything you would like to see? maybe you would like to have a review of a product posted here? I'd be happy to put an article or two of your here, with your sinature and link back to your site or blog, let me know!!!
Anyways I just wanted to show my appreciation for the traffic and readers that I get.
Have a profitable day !!


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