Friday, May 19, 2006

Baby boomers are where the money is at

Every once in a while a great opportunity comes along. Let me tell you about mine !!
Just a few months ago my girlfriend was introduced to lexxus international by a friend of hers. NOW I know what you're thinking... here comes another affiliate marketing pitch, and in a sense you're right. But I'll get to that a bit later.
So this friend of hers comes over and starts to sell us on the lexxus international thing. I let her ramble on for a bit soaking in the info. While my girlfriend was getting all revved up I had one question in mind. Who is this friends upline. So I asked. She told me this guy makes 35,000/month from lexxus alone. I was like yeah ok whatever. How many times have I heard this.
So she suggested I arrange a meeting with him. Sure enough he phones me a few days later to come over for a meet and greet I figured shane you have nothing to lose... So I said look I'll meet with you but bring some bank statements and some checks from lexxus.
Yeah I'm a skeptic but can you blame me. Boy did I feel like an idiot when he presented me the proof. Ok so hes the real deal I said to myself.
SO we got to talking and I mentioned im currently doing web publishing (aka affiliate marketing) well wouldnt you know it this fits right in with my current projects.

Part of the marketing plan with lexxus is that you get your own website complete with shopping cart and distributor sign up page. So its a complete business !! check out the website to see what you'll be getting and if it suits your business current plan sign up !! As I mention down below I'm right under a big gun in canada so this is going to explosive and isnt an opportunity worth shrugging off!!!
Now what got me stoked about this is that Im directly downline of a major player and so will everyone be who jumps on this product.
Now this isnt vitamins or candles though I shouldnt knock candles we do market candles and make a tidy profit with it. But what it is, is marketing to baby boomers. Know whats great about boomers they have money and are frikken obsessed with being young and active and into being healthy. So this means is the product must be consumable and must be high quality. AND Must WORK

So if this is so great and i was introduced to this so long ago why am I just telling you about it now. For obvious reasons really I'm not taken in by hype and I wanted to try the products, you know USE them both personally and within my family. Im pushing 40 (next year) hey forty is the new 30 ;-P So I can see the use of these products and I have a 5 year old boy So keeping him healthy is No#1 as well.

NO Im not into begging my family and friends to jump into MLM's and anyone who knows me can confirm that I just dont play that game. Like I said you get a website to market the products . But word has gotten around the network of friends and family and theyre approaching me for more of the same. Word of mouth and viral marketing. See I have learned a thing or two from affiliate marketing hahaha.

Both our parents are ageing and with out getting into details of their current medical situations. I'll say this that the products are effective and do work and we have had many numerous repeat sales with out mentioning that we're doing an MLM. I have my mom using Noni juice and the cluster concentrate from lexxus. And she loves it.....

SO I tested the product and I like it and more important I have seen results from the ones I care most about.

The bottom line is this. I'm directly beneath a major player Canada. THAT ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS. And its the only reason other than the fact from a purely emotional state that our parents use the products and like the benefits they see other wise I would have passed up on this BELIEVE me.
You can read more about the opportunity below in a previous post.
So ACT NOW and start making money from those baby boomers and health seekers!!


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