Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Affiliate Marketing with ebay

Affiliate Marketing with ebay
Finding what eBay consumers want to buy is pretty easy!
Especially if you are already selling on eBay...
But, what if you are just staring out?
What if you desperately need a product or niche idea for your eBay business?
Here's a solution ...
And this is really cool because the special place I am going to tell you about contains 100,000's of requests from eBay buyers!

The eBay Want-it-Now section ... ya, you might have already heard of that but have you REALLY looked into it?
More importantly, how can you use thatVALUABLE data to determine new product and niche ideas for your business?
That's what I am going to show you!
If you browse through the want-it-now section you will quickly see that there are several thousand posts per category.
And ... if you keep looking you will notice that several items or posts about a certain product or service may occur more than once.
This is the key!

Try to find related posts and see how many times they occur...
PLUS, you want to find similar posts that have little to no responses.
Why? because the lower the number of responses for a particular set of related posts, less the competition!
Now there are several ways you can try to find repeating or similar posts in the want-it-now section ... but it's actually kind of difficult!
One method is to copy and paste the want-it-now data from the html source into a spreadsheet program like Excel and sort the list.
BUT ... as I said, it is pretty easy ... IF you use this NEW unique software program that does it for you in only minutes!
==> Auction Yen
AuctionYen extracts all the data from the eBay want-it-now section revealing HIGH demand and LOW competition product or niche ideas!
Plus, it works with 4 different eBay sites!
I have NEVER seen anything like this and it works VERY well :o)
Check out the video on the home page ... it will shock you!
==> Auction Yen

good luck with your ebay sales !!!
PS: AuctionYen also comes with a VERY cool software tool called Feedback Analyzer that helps you extract the negative and neutral feedback comments from eBay users ... this is handy when determining if the eBay seller is legit or not.
==> Auction Yen
So there ya have it another way to affiliate market your products.


Blogger Gregory Tatum said...

Hey Shane! Your blogs look great also! I'm always happy and willing to help out a fellow affiliate marketer! :D

Internet Marketing... From MY Perspective

May 05, 2006 8:06 PM  

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