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is internet marketing a hobby or business for you

Copyright 2006 by Willie Crawford

As an Internet marketing consultant, and fairly high visibility
online marketer, I get to see a lot of things that the average
person doesn’t. By studying what other successful online
businesses are doing, I was finally able to “break the code

If you’re struggling to make your first $50,000 dollars online,
it’s hard to IMAGINE the possibilities.

I personally know of an online marketer who is earning
nine hundred fifty thousand dollars a year selling STOCK!

I personally know a man in the UK earning twenty-five
thousand dollars a month selling Internet marketing videos.
I sold him the reprint license!

I personally know a high-schooler earnings thousand just by
introducing people. He brokers joint ventures for others
and earns a hefty commission.

I know of another man earning millions selling products that
he doesn’t even own - on Ebay. He never takes possession
of the items, or personally handles them in any way. He just lists
the items for a percentage commission… and makes millions.

When you see how ordinary people are making their online
fortunes, you see just how possible it is for you too. You
also see that there are only a few real differences between
those doing incredibly well and those who will never even
“break even.”

One of the first differences you’ll notice is that the people
in the examples above think of their online business as a
REAL business. Even if they are operating from a spare
corner of the kitchen table, they do the things they would
do if they were running a large corporation….

- They have business plans
- They have budgets and cash flow projections
- They use methods of promotion that are proven to work
best for them, AND don’t use those that are non-productive
- They outsource things that are not suitable for them or
their company to do
- Some of them put in long hours and are actually
- Most of them studied what others who were proven
successes were doing and sought their consultation

Another difference you’ll notice is that these people are risk
takers. They don’t take unreasonable risks, but they are
not afraid of risk either. They know, just as we all do, that
reward is usually directly proportional to risk. Any investor
knows this!

Along the same lines, they also take action. A lot of
business “wannabes” spend too much time thinking about it.
You do need to really analyze things, but then you must
make a decision. The people mentioned above are able to
make decisions… sometimes-tough decisions. Once they
make a decision, they implement it.

The other glaring characteristic they all possess is that
they don’t operate in a vacuum. They network with people
with similar interests. They realize that they have to work
WITH their competitors, suppliers, employees, and even
governments to make things happen. They are not afraid
to meet with or call others to bounce an idea off of them.
They realize that they don’t know everything and so they
seek those who can fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

These few simple traits are a big part of what I have
observed to be the difference between the successful and
the unsuccessful online businessperson. These same
traits are also a big roadmap to anyone who wants to turn
their online business around and make it more profitable.

Adopt the mindset explained above… you are in business…
there are risks you must take…you have to decide that you
are going to take actions… you need to plan it all out… and
then you need to put your plans in action.

Do this and your online business is no longer a hobby that
you are tinkering with - it is a serious business that you are
treating appropriately. Ask yourself today, are you in business
or are your online activities just a hobby.

About the Author

Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an on-line
business since late 1996. Frequently featured in radio, magazine
and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie teaches the average
guy what the top marketers are doing but seldom talking about.
Willie provides detailed how to information in his newsletter,
through his personal coaching, and at his annual how to workshop.
Learn more at:


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