Saturday, March 25, 2006

Positioning for profit

As part of my research and brainstorming for my home based internet business. I was playing a game with my sig other. It went like this, and i'll explain why I think its important, and what I see on the net, and how it all relates.
It all started out quite innocently, really it did .
My sig other was harping at me that I drink ALOT of coke. something in the area of a litre a day.
So she asked me "shane why do you like coke so much". Now thats an innocent enough question. but it is a mind blower if you really think about. I didnt really have a good answer other than I like how it tastes.
I'm a fairly cerebral person, so this got the gears going. WHY do I like coke anyways. Ya it tastes good but I also like root beer and doctor pepper as well. But I'm not drinking them like its the end of the world.
SO we started playing a game. I asked her to choose a category and I said i'll tell her the first word that came to mind.
heres the list:
soft drinks: coke.
sports cars: porsche
jeans: levi's
shoes: Doc Martins
beer: Canadian (its a brand in case you dont know, and I wish there was an affiliate pgm for it too !!!)
music: Simple minds.
the list is a little longer than I want to bore you with. But its the idea that I am getting at here. Human nature and psychological triggers or programming. We all have this little personal keyword list we run in our heads and it determines for us what we buy or want and need. she was basically running a survey on me to determine what I want like need and want. Its like we have a product pyramid in our heads at the top is what we like the most and below it are 2nd tier and 3rd tier products, that we'd choose when we cant get what we like the most.
I'm going to keyword search my little pyramid and post the results later.
My point in all this is this: I think that marketers are missing the boat on surveying people and rely too much on getting top rankings in search engines. I don't think the search engine rankings match the product pyramids we have in our heads..

OR is the keyword search they SURVEY !!

According to
here are some of the key word returns for the little list above
shopping : 918871 shopping (wow)
coke: 39026 coke
porsche: 156390 porsche (wow)
levis: 66574 levi
doc martins: 17718 doc martens
beer: 96389 beer
music: 14387292 music (wow)
Sports cars: 73841 sports car
Jeans: 74153 jeans
shoes: 706868 shoes

Pretty crazy huh. Seems like you can use your own head to find a niche. !!!!
what do you think?


Blogger Navito UK Shopping said...

Perhaps you like Coke so much because of their saturation marketing?

March 25, 2006 6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure I understand this. How are these niche terms? Sure there are lots of people searching on these keywords, but there are also lots of businesses targetting these the keywords.

So where's the niche?

March 31, 2006 5:39 AM  

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