Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blog and ping and blog and ping!!

Blog and Ping:
What you do is this : Go get a Blog.. you can install the blog to your own site or use a free blogger tool like Or wordpress, its popular these days.

Ad content each and everyday, content specific to your niche and with a link back to your site.

Ping the blog using a pinging service like .
This will update several services about your content . Then, and this is the great part !!! Search Engines will spider your blog and and guess what LOCATE your site.

Getting traffic to your blog, or site!!!...
Find other blogs related to your niche. You can do this by searching for blogs related to yours. Comment on that blog add a link back to your site. So that people and the spiders find your site.
This helps with traffic and builds a sense of community for you, its good word of mouth and its free.

Write articles
You can also use article submission sites. To gain backlinks to your site. Remember the purpose of an Ezine… authors and website owners are searching for content articles to put on their ezines and websites. If its a good article it could wind up in front of thousands of ezine readers and AGAIN it’s free.
Don’t forget to include your author bio... you can add a link to your site. WHY? Well, because Websites and Ezine Publishers must include your bio with the article. AGAIN free exposure for your site.

Use places like Articlecity. Just search for ezines and you’ll get some place to submit your stuff. There are also Article Submission software and services to place your article on thousands directories saving you time.

Look for forums that let you to post free ads. Best if you find forums related to your content. Participate in the forum, and include a signature with your link in it. AGAIN free advertising !!!. Forums are excellent for posting your URL , while finding ideas for content.

Reciprocate that link
Start a link trade campaign with other sites in the same niche. Just ask nicely !!


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