Friday, March 31, 2006

making money online, starting a home based business

Starting out making money online?, or starting a home based business

If you're new to the Internet and the make money online business world, you've probably visited website after website and are getting to the "over-whelmed" stage! Very understandable! Not long ago, we were where you are right now - and just as confused and skeptical. Take some deep breaths and a few moments to grab a cup of your favorite beverage. When you're ready, come back! This website has a lot of information for you to digest and numerous opportunities. Researching it will require a lot of your time. But it will be time well-spent! Of course we hope you'll find what you're searching for here, but if not, we hope we have increased your knowledge base.
The only way to do this is to create your own profitable website. Don't let the thought scare you. Nowadays, you don't need technical skills or computer skills because there are hosts that do all of the "technical stuff" for you so you can focus on building your business.

Your website should provide content related to your niche. People search online for information. They don't search for you.
Any successful website follows a simple 4-step process called C-T-P-M, developed by web marketing expert Ken Evoy:

1. Give your readers what they want by converting your knowledge into high-quality, in-demand Content. In other words, you'll write about topics related to your niche that others want to learn about.
2. Your content ranks high at search engines which attracts free, targeted Traffic...readers who are interested in your content.
3. You OVERdeliver high-value content to these motivated readers, developing trust and confidence ("PREsell" your readers).
4. FINALLY, you're ready to Monetize your warm, willing-to-buy customers. This is when you must diversify. Don't just post a link to your websites . Take advantage of additional AUTOMATED monetization models:
• Sell your digital or hard goods to targeted customers
• Add targeted Google ads (you get paid for every click)
• Partner with and link to books related to your theme
• Partner with eBay and get paid for everyone who signs up from your site
• Monetize automatically through affiliate programs related to your theme
• Sell information
make money online, start a home based business


Blogger Robert M. said...

Lol! Hi, thanks for your (funny) comment! Asuming that you like my blog...:-P and that I can take it as a compliment (?)
I'm actualy 'using' all of them at the moment and then some, except for some affiliate stuff, those I'm just promoting as they are hot.
I mean, I have the time, even though it takes quit a lot of it...:-P
I even have a 'waiting-list', imagine that! Yep, its like you said on your blog, there realy is a LOT out there and my head IS realy spinning sometimes, but I also see it as a learning process and I'm just doing this since 2-4months now. So you see, the more I do now, the more I know after some time and so on...not?
Greetz from the Netherlands,
ChnRo's Giftshop

Ps. You got some nice looking blogs too and very informative! I will get to those too, so you see, that's how it just keeps growing and gr...

April 15, 2006 11:02 AM  
Blogger Web2earn said...

Hi, nice blog and thx for the info.

Working from home used to be something utopic for me just 2 years ago, as it probably is even today for 95% of all people. However, I found out that while you won’t get rich overnight on the Internet, you can generate some nice income. Now, I live in Romania, which is a rather poor Eastern European country, with an average wage of about $300 per month. You can imagine what a huge impact my discovery of online money making possibilities meant – especially since I am now earning constant 4-figure USD earnings each month, through various online activities (hosting ads on my websites, freelancing as a content writer and graphic designer).

I tried to put all my knowledge to good use and summarize it in a new website, which I invite you to check out if you have the time - – learn how to make money online


Michael Rad

May 14, 2006 2:55 AM  

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