Saturday, April 08, 2006

Article Marketing

Make money from writing articles.
Articles are an excellent source of traffic to your site and have many great benefits, some of which i covered in my last post.

Articles are also an informational product that you can sell for profit.
Find a niche and write for it.

Remember that people come to the internet because they are looking for information. While it is all fine and good to offer free advice. It's even better to make your knowledge sell.

As a personal aside: I'm a mechanical contractor by day (plumber, I prefer home comfort specialist. It sounds better :-P) I am constantly asked by customers and friends and family alike. Which products do I think are best? What should I do about this problem, or that problem. Ie my hot water is too hot what should I do. My pipes make a humming sound, what should I do. How do I fix my leaking faucet. All of which I charge 55$/hr + parts to fix.

I could sell articles for these and similar questions. HOW much would you pay for an article to stop your toilet from constantly running, as opposed to paying my 55/hr+parts. Keep in mind that I would make just under 100$ off of you for stopping your toilet from running. And it takes me about 20 mins to do it. OR I could sell that same solution to you for 20$. Which would you prefer, I thought so...

People are greedy and love their money. But people are also lazy and love their money too.

So you can make money both ways.

Offer them a solution to their problems. Selling information is why you got into making money from internet advertising isnt it?

make your knowledge sell

Keep in mind that that article you wrote will sell many times over. It's on auto pilot now you did work once now you'll be paid for ever on it 24'hrs a day 365 days a year. Lazy work huh.

Include links to your website on the article, put ads on it, do what ever it is that will make you money.

Submit your article to press release agencies, find all of them and submit to all of them.

If you have an auto responder, then market the article to your list.


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