Saturday, April 08, 2006

Work at home and make money

Make money Working at home has its privileges. Where else can you feed your children while you order some office supplies or wear your slippers during an important conference call?

You no longer have to deal with traffic or commuting. Most people find the extra 30 - 45 minutes great for spending extra time with their kids, taking a walk or catching up on their work.

You also save on gas and insurance. That's right, some insurance companies offer discounts if you use a vehicle as a "pleasure vehicle" meaning you don't drive it to and from work.

Others benefit as well by having less traffic and pollution to deal with. Less pollution and less gasoline usage is good for everyone especially our earth.

Freedom and flexibility are great benefits of working at home especially for moms. You have the opportunity to choose your own hours and schedule. Where else can you take off whenever you please to go visit your kids in school or use your break to do some quick chores around the house?

Your children are with you-probably the best benefit of all. You've got that comfort of knowing that your children are being well taken care of and are being raised by your standards. But having your children with you can be hard as well. It takes patience, planning and good time-management skills to have a productive day.

Tax breaks are helpful to most work -at-home moms. If you use part of your home regularly and exclusively as an office, you may be entitled to deduct a portion of your mortgage, rent and/or utilities. You also may have other business expenses such as supplies, mileage, advertising and equipment to write off.

Although it is not recommended that you work in your pajamas, it is reasonable to say that most work-at-home moms will not have to wear business suits either. As a result, your wardrobe costs should go down if you do not have to meet often with customers or clients in a professiona l business setting.

There are benefits for companies as well. By giving employees the option to work at home, businesses reduce turnover and training and increase employee satisfaction and dedication.
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