Friday, May 05, 2006

click terminates blog spammer

If you're a blogger or have a blog with another blog provider I'm sure you are well aware of blog comment spamming.
You know those annoying "comments" that seem to have little if anything to do with the topic of your content. Or they may read like "nice blog" then some anchor text.
These blogs are usually keyword dense and are used to spam keyowrds and usually have links back to a webite squeeze page. Usually with a sign up form or another affiliate product page. All in the hopes of generating affiliate sales. These idiots call this "aggressive marketing"
you can read the whole sad tale here hes the merchant who almost got hung out to dry as a result of this.
Well it looks like click bank has shut down a comment spammer.
A click bank affiliate went through all the nonsense trouble of opening 30 blogspot accounts. Then post a few few keyword packed articles with links back to a squeeze page. The merchant was contacted by clickbank and after being grilled by click bank and having to provide proof that he wasnt responsible, click bank then took action and had the blogpsot spammer shut down.
Just toclarify what spam is other than a yummy ham in a can. It is any form of non-permission based advertising or communication on the internet.
So there is hope after all. These morons are being shut down.
Sadly though. I am sure this idiot is up and running and doing it all over again.


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