Thursday, August 10, 2006

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Blogging at the speed of mouth :-P Corny title I know. But you have got to read yaro's blog!! I like Yaro's he writes in a very down to earth fashion. I dont feel like Im reading an add for some product he's try to push. The below link is about getting traffic using word of mouth. Here's a snippet to wet your appetite: We all know how powerful word of mouth is. If you look back over the history of the most successful websites, those that have millions of visitors, it’s usually because they generated tremendous offline word of mouth that resulted in a “tipping point” for their traffic. No amount of search traffic, or backlinks or social bookmarks or pay per click advertising, or any mechanical traffic method can match the pure power of word of mouth to bring new visitors to your blog.
Blog Traffic School Prelaunch Blog � Building Blog Traffic

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Anonymous The Success Guy said...

A quick note, the link that you provide here doesn't work...

Good luck,

Luis Galarza, The Success Guy

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