Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You Can make 6 figures online end note

Of course, as with the other two keys we’ve identified here, it’s important that you schedule time and action steps each week in order to grow this area of your affiliate marketing business.
Note: This is the easiest of the three keys to do and will always result in additional profits with minimal work if you do it correctly.
So, let’s look at a sample day’s activities for raising the lifetime value of your Affiliate marketing customers as you get them to spend more and more money with you.
And, again, you need a systematic approach. There are some things you can do on a weekly basis in order to increase the number of list members who buy and the number of site visitors who buy.
Let’s take a quick look at an example of one day’s activities you can begin implementing into your own business-growing checklist…


Create or promote additional Affiliate products.

  • Find an affiliate program that relates to products that my customers have already purchased from me.
  • Write an article or create a short interview to send to my customers to promote the product.
  • Mail to my customer list.
  • OPTION B: Create a “Part 2” for an existing affiliate product they’ve purchased and offer it.
  • Organize a teleseminar with a “special guest” to promote their offer as an affiliate.
  • Find a potential interviewee who has an affiliate program.(Preferably a “high ticket” or “recurring” offer)
  • Make a proposal to them for the interview.
  • Schedule the interview and arrange the technical stuff.
  • Contact my lists with call details.
  • Add a freebie affiliate product to one or more of my customer lists to promote an offer.
  • Either my own free ebooks, articles, excerpts, audio/video– or someone else’s that I have permission to give away.
  • Create a special discounted offer for my customers.

Include some of these things in your weekly schedule for getting customers to
spend more and more money with you:

  1. Create and promote additional “related” products.
  2. Develop a “physical” version of an existing digital product.
  3. Start a monthly newsletter or paid subscription site.
  4. Host a teleseminar, webinar or other interactive “live” event.
  5. Offer personal coaching or consultation.
  6. Create a low-cost special report.
  7. Interview an expert and sell the completed product.
  8. Hire a ghostwriter to create additional “related” products.
  9. Partner with someone to create a “service”. (I.E. “Web hosting”, etc.)
  10. Co-author a product with someone.

If you want to consistently grow your business – and ultimately make a six-figure income online – then you must have a plan. And you must have some kind of action steps in place in order to accomplish that plan.
Ya gotta have a system!
Once you have a system, it’s simply a matter of repeating things (and watching your business grow as you do!) over and over.
If you focus on doing the three things we’ve talked about – and you identify and implement some specific action steps into a weekly schedule to accomplish those three things – then you WILL succeed.

If you want to grow your online business and, ultimately, the profits you can actually spend each month, then those are the three things you need…

  • Increase your market reach.
  • Increase your lead conversion.
  • Increase your lifetime value.

There's your four-year marketing education all boiled down into a simple action plan. If you do those things, you will grow your business and multiply your profits. Guaranteed.
1. Find more of your potential customers.
2. Convert more of those you find into paying customers.
3. Get those paying customers to spend more money with you.
That's how you grow your business. That's how you grow your profits.
It all comes down to List And Traffic.
It all comes down to growing and profiting from opt-in lists and website traffic.
· Get more subscribers and website visitors.
· Get more of your subscribers and website visitors to buy from you.
· Get more of your subscribers and website visitors to buy from you over and over again.

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