Thursday, July 20, 2006

Holy host batman ! which one should I choose

Ok so I'm I'm agonizing over which hosting company plan etc etc etc. I need some feed back from those of you who are in the know?
Ive decided that Im going to start putting my money where my mouth is and host my own blog website in the very near future.
Ive looked into host gator go-daddy ( catchy tv commercial) Though I dont think i'd ever want to be a cab driver ( you guys getthat commercial in your area. Kinda corny but probably effective . They seem to be priced similarly, within a dollar or two of each other. So thats all fine and good. But I dont knwo which bells and whistles I need or should have. I'm going to be buying Xsite pro. Just because I like what I have seen lately. (mike your aff check is in the mail soon as I make some space on visa:-P)
And that Fp 2003 is kinda wonky. More than likely due to my out right laziness and refusal to constantly doctor it. I guess for me a selling point would be a hosting company that lets you or gives you a wyswg editor ( did I spell that right). Or do I have to stare at lines of code until it starts looking like a zebra. As you can tell Im a little uninitiated in the hosting arean here.
So any feed back would be help ful. Who knows I might use your aff link to buy !!!


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