Sunday, July 16, 2006

Affiliate Power kit

Over the past few months I've become very upset with the level of service of some of the bigger affiliate marketers. And Ive decided not to promote their products anymore. Not like they care.. hahahaha. My reasoning is , that if they cant return a simple email then i cant be bothered promoting their products. I recommend that before you decide on promoting a product from an intenet "guru" send them an email ask them a question about the product or whatever. and see if you geta response. If you dont, then dont promote the product. WHY you ask. Your own credibility is at stake here.
If someone buys a product off of your site then cant support for it, its going to make you look bad...
Which brings me to the point of this email. You need some affiliate marketing tools in your tool box. Namely cloaking and tracking, auto responder tools email tracking and capture. The belwo link will get you all those free, and from a good source.
I just had to share this with you. Nothing to buy, but you get Gary McCaffrey's Power Affiliate Kit ($147 Value) absolutelyF.R.E-E with no strings attached at all.
Power affiliate kit
I think he's crazy for letting me give this away. (you can too)I liek giving people something they can use for free. HE has a useful, imagine that useful i said ebook. Not shallow like so many others I have downloaded. There are 1 or 2 similar packages selling for over $100 on the internet.
This is just too cool and I just knew you would love to know about it.
Power affiliate Kit
To your success,


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