Friday, July 07, 2006

Why Is It Good When More Advertisers Are Competing With You On Google Adwords, Forcing Costs Up And Saturating The Niche?

Yes while it is true that more and more people are using Adwords to promote their products/services/ideas, it is NOT a bad thing. In fact, many of these advertisers do not know what they are doing! They just ‘blindly’ advertise on Adwords. You can leverage on this and use it to your advantage. Here’s how.

Number 1 – Targeting and Understanding Your Audience

This is basic stuff. You must know who will buy your product and where they reside. You must research your target audience and create ads that will reach out to them. For example, you would not want to show ads in all countries if your product suits English speaking ones.

Number 2 – Edit Ruthlessly

Just imagine you are paid $100 for every alphabet you take out. For a small text ad like Google’s you will need it to be concise, sharp, and short yet attention grabbing. People’s attention span is short. You will need to be extremely direct and to the point.

Number 3 – Split and Test Your Ads

You must do this. That is creating and showing more then just 1 ad on any ad group. Constantly monitor your ads and see which one has lower click-through rate and which has a higher one. This process will continually force you to show better ads over and over again.

Number 4 – Precise Landing Pages

Link to the direct page which is intimately related and relevant to the keyword you are searching for. Never never direct them to just the homepage, bring them to the exact page instead. Visitors never like to hand around long if they cannot see relevant content that matches your ad.

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