Friday, June 23, 2006

Why affiliate marketers are refusing to build a list is completely beyond me

Email marketing is stupidly profitable.
Why affiliate marketers are refusing to build a list is completely beyond me. THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST !!
Once you get started it literally runs itself, and email marketing or list marketing is way more profitable than just search engine or organic trafic.

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I want this article to impress upon you the fact that you need to build a list and profit from email marketing starting NOW.

To put this into some perspective for you, and something you can all identify with.
Lets have a look at what comes to our mail boxes everyday, not our email i'll get to that shortly. Lets just start at home.
You get home from a day out and about and what do you find? Junk mail. Perhaps for you it is. But for some others its an opportunity to buy the latest and greatest widget of the month.
And for the merchants who send them out its CASH on the barrel Where do all these "flyers" come from?
These merchants buy huge lists. At the start they're not targeted that comes later.
They just blanket an area with product flyers, info packs and the likes. Then they see who bites !!
Now, think about how mail order companies make money.Once they identify the buyers, they keep mailing to those buyers over and over again and make repeat sales from those customers. And weed out the rest.
This is targeted marketing at its best and lots of research goes into it at this point, what they buy, how much they spend. Its a survey of sorts but in real time.
This Buyer list is where their HUGE profits come from.
Once you convert a prospect list into a buyer list, it's easy to sell them again and again, over and over. .
What would occur if you got the affiliate product sale but lost the address or list entirely? It would be a total catastrophe. It would be like just throwing money out the window.
NEWS FLASH !!! that's precisely what you are doing with your website when you don't set up an auto responder, and get subscribers to market your affiliate products to.
Tossing money out the window.

Do both for maximum profit.
Use your website traffic to generate affiliate product sales and build a subscription list that you can use to market your affiliate programs to. Thats what you're online for to get your product in front of as many people as possible so they'll buy from you again and again.
If you don't you are just throwing easy money down the drain.


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