Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Affiliate Marketing trends

Affiliate Marketing trends .

Usually, when you tell people that you make money online they give you a weird look. The misconception is that whoever does it, is a scammer and must had scammed someone to do so.
Even though they would have no idea what affiliate marketing is.

A lot of people still believe that the Internet rush will just go away one day.

My answer to them is "Will people ever stop looking for information online?"

Well we all know the answer to that, and Google is our proof (Google shares are close to $400 per share!last ! checked anyways)

Remember this one:>>>Even stupid, unorthodox ideas can make one fortunes online. A kid from England, very recently, didn't have enough funds to go to college and decided he was going to make a million dollars to fund his college education.

He came up with this idea that he will divide a page into 1 million pieces (pixels) and sell each pixel for $1 each. Well, fast forward 5 months later and he sold all 1,000,000 million pieces, for a grand total of 1,000,000 dol. on:
(it will take a while to load with all the ads he put up there)

If you come up with a million dollar idea then great. But you don't always have to re-invent the wheel. This kid has started a new advertising trend. With the coverage his story got, there is a pixel mania going on.

Various versions of the million dollar homepage have appeared, since then.

The latest and probably the best trend to date in my mind anyways is adsense optimized website templates. read on:
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Search the web for AdSense and you will find an absolute avalanche of products and services related to Google's popular contextual advertising service. Most of the these products are software or tools designed to game the system, taking advantage of the weaknesses in the search engines in order to generate a quick buck with AdSense.
Instant AdSense Templates
You know what I am talking about. These are the tools that build "garbage" pages that exist for no reason except to display AdSense ads and make a few bucks for the site owner. They add no value to the Internet as they clutter the search engines and frustrate people who end up on a site like this only to find out they have been tricked.

So what is a reputable AdSense publisher to do? Obvious if you ask me get your adsense optimized website templates from the guy who wrote the book on making money online with adsense Joel comm

Create quality content. Lots of quality content. And don't stop create quality content.

But what if you are just getting started and need a little "kickstart"?

I've got just the thing for you... check out you can make money online as an affiliate marketer with Instant AdSense Templates !!!

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