Sunday, June 18, 2006

Contacting affiliate product managers

Whats an affiliate marketer to do?
Heres the situation, maybe you have encountered the same situation, or maybe not?
I had a question about an affiliate product I promote. SO I figured I'd bang off an email to the source.
You know you go to the affiliate page and look for the contact us link and submit a question?.

Well after having done that I've been waiting for weeks for a reply to the question. And this is a well known person to boot.
Now I can assume that these guru's types are rather busy running their businesses and multiple websites.

On the other hand they also have these so called "web assistants" who field questions.
Have you encountered this situation before where you have a question about an affiliate product and have you gotten any response?.
Tell us about your affiliate marketing questions and problems having them answered!!
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