Friday, July 07, 2006

the death of adsense?

So you have an affiliate marketing website or a blog. You've spent long hours or maybe not getting it right. Adding good quality original content, making your website about cats or dogs useful to your viewers.
For what to have viewers leave your site as quick as possible by clicking on adsense ads.
Adsense is and can be a good income generator for you. And it plays right into the money for nothing mentality thats so ripe on the net today.
According to some research 14% of clicks are fraudulent. Are you going to continue to pay for clicks with that kind of click fraud. Maybe.....
Why not when you dont have to add value or content. Ie Splogs and all the newest rage in plr and instant adsense templates popping up all over the net now. All one needs to do is buy a template buy some plr ad their adsense to it and let it sit for someone to click on the ads.
Im sure this sort of marketing out rages the hard working affiliate marketer. As can be seen by the fact and numbers of advertisers who are pulling out of ppc (27%).
I personally think it degrades the internet marketing name and internet marketers in general. As I mentioned above. Some of us hopefully lots of us work hard at our craft to find good content to provide for our readers and searchers. NOt to have them leave at first click. Think about it is that what you're hinging your business on? That one click. I hope not.
I mentioned PLR articles above anyone even myself can use these... just reword it change the keywords and blammo you have original content. But do a closer inspection of these plr articles in the search how many time are the words going to appear in search. Do you want to get delisteded or hidden on page 1000 of google or what ever engine you optimize your website for?
Is it really any wonder that splogging got as bad as it did.
The fact still remains that you can make money on the internet but I would refrain from using adsense too heavily at this point.


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