Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Will this kid turn 100$ into A Million Bucks in A Month

A Million Bucks in A Month
This evening as I was killing time reading emails and other nonsense i get in my in box I came across a great story I just had to share with you. You can click on the link up top or read on a bit. I'll post a bit of a synopsis about this story. Its about a guy who set out with 100 bux in his pocet to make a million in a month and he got his start from my

Frazier went to the public library to take advantage of free Internet access and expand his networking operation.
The MySpace page he set up became the base of his operation, allowing him to package neatly what he called the Million Dollar Destiny Project and present its mission to anyone in a position to help.
He wasn't asking for charity, the site made clear, he wanted to hear the voices and receive the support of those who still believe that the U.S. is the land of opportunity and enterprise.
Over the next week, as Frazier hopped from couch to couch, dozens of people within the online community responded enthusiastically. Phone call by phone call, e-mail by e-mail, professionals from around the community were eagerly volunteering their expertise.LEVERAGING TALENT.
By Day Seven, he had a team of 25, including a positioning consultant, business strategy analyst, business strategy consultant, a travel/social consultant, research consultant, project assistant, Web site developers, marketing and branding specialists, and film producers documenting the project.
"I think what has been interesting has been how willing and excited people are to be involved in a positive venture," says Lissy Garrison, executive director of Ballet Nouveau Colorado, who signed on as a small-business marketing consultant for the project. "[Frazier] delights in finding and leveraging the strengths of people around him. He has many, many qualities that make him an effective leader. Thus, he does not need specific business skills, he can rely on the expertise of the people around him.
"On Day Eight, when spoke with Frazier, he was focused, energetic, and highly optimistic about his project's progress and prospects.
He still had $65 of his original $100 in his pocket. The Mantool, he said, was in the phase of market research and product design refinement.NOT THE MONEY.
He explained how he relied on his faith that the people he approached would want to contribute to his project out of their own sense of goodwill and support for American entrepreneurship. "Although it's a serious business proposition, [I] talk to them like people instead of talking to them like businesses," he said."The [monetary] end return is not the point, in my opinion," said Garrison. "[Remi] will have given us all a real-life example of how good leadership, shared values, teamwork, communication, and smart resource maximization can produce fast, measurable results, even in today's world.
"On June 29, Frazier's assets totaled just under $13,000, practically all in the form of donations: $6,500 in Web site design and development from Splint Media, $6,000 in the form of a logo and brand development, and a Web site design package from Paul Miller Studios, among other things.Buzz is high within the online community. Blog discussions of the Million Dollar Destiny Project have in some instances lighted upon its "romantic" and "courageous" agenda, while others have deemed it a "proselytizing" or "hare-brained" experiment in social economics. On July 16 the clock runs out.
Will Remi Frazier's unlikely entrepreneurial project -- to make $1 million within one month succeed? On July 16, the clock runs out.


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