Friday, July 07, 2006

I Should Be Stopped. Some of the Clickbank Information Here Is So Sensitive, It Should Be Made Illegal!

This is so important I had to mention it for the third time in three articles written purely on this. I had many affiliates and vendors sending me emails on my website, some of which are not suitable for reading. This is something affiliates must know

This is something many affiliates do not know yet know. It concerns affiliates and buyers alike.

Do you notice when you visit most sales pages, they have an “affiliates sign up”, “make money here” or “earn money” link which brings you to their affiliate sign up page?

Imagine this scenario, Mr. Affiliate visits the site through your affiliate link, he reads the sales copy and is impressed but the price $97 is quite an obstacle. He sees an “earn money now” link and clicks as he has been searching for this information all day. He then realizes he could get at 50% discount with the commission if he signs up with clickbank and buys through his own link.

The vendors do not want this to happen right? Wrong answer! The fact is they had intended to sell at $48.5(50%) of the price and so intentionally set it higher at $97. In addition to that, the affiliate link was prominently displayed so visitors could easily see it and sign up and get the discount. This make the buyer thinks he has got into a “winning” situation but in fact the vendor got the sale he wanted and an affiliate at the same time.

So what does it mean to you? Shouldn’t you be happy that you can get a discount on almost all books now? Wait a minute, what if you spent loads of time and money promoting that product and the visitors click on that “earn money” link? Lost money, lost time and lost commissions.

Now you know why these “affiliates sign up” or “earn money now” links does not seem so subtle anymore.

Affiliate Tip 1

Scan the sales copy before deciding whether it is worth promoting. This is a vital, essential and crucial step you must make. Rate it and ask yourself how convinced you are on a scale of ten. Scan the page for any “Earn money” links.

Affiliate Tip 2

Credibility is important. Look at the testimonials; make sure it is not any dodgy testimonial from any Tom, Dick or Harry from some American state. Are there any photos and/or proof? Are they real people with real names and websites? Do a “mock” payment with your affiliate link all the way till they ask you for your credit card. Do you see your affiliate nick at the bottom of the page? You should be seeing it.

Affiliate Tip 3
Mail the vendor. See how responsive and how sincere he is in recruiting affiliates. This is the ultimate litmus test to determine if the vendor cares for his affiliates.

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