Sunday, August 06, 2006

E-book compiling and creation

For the past while ive been writing an e-book. Im currently using ms word to do the writing. I have the adobe acrobat ebook compiler.
But what Im curious about is how exactly to go about getting it set up for web distribution.
Do I have to up load each page in html format to a server then compile each page from there?)how do I do that?)
Or can I just compile the ebook in whole from my hard drive and then upload it?
How do I make it brandable if I want to do that.
How Do I include an auto responder in the e-book?
As you can see I'm a bit stumped at the moment.
I have googled ebook compilers and ebook creators. But not to much avail as far as how to create it. Know what I mean?
I have the ebook pretty much 90% done
So Im looking now at how to get the ebook packaged and ready.
Any help here would be appreciated to get my e-book done.
Oh just on a side note. Maybe this is a cheesy Idea. Have anyof you ever seen an ebbok with adsense in it? HAhahaha I know dumb question but maybe a good idea to be considered for further monetizing an e-book.

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