Friday, September 22, 2006

Do your error pages make you money?

Have you ever visited a website, but typed in the
wrong url after the domain name? What did you see?
Chances are you saw a generic page that said something
like, "The page cannot be displayed," or "Not Found,"
or "The requested URL was not found on this server."
This is what is more commonly known as the

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404 ErrorPage

It's the page that shows up by default when
someone 'accidentally' types in the address of the page
they are looking for on your site incorrectly.
Now, in many cases, it truly happens by mistake. However,
in many other instances, people end up on this page
because they are snooping around trying to look for your
download page or thank you page without having to pay
or opt-in. Kind of shady, but people do it.
Why, not capitalize on it whether they are doing it
purposely or they are truly ending up there by accident.
If you have your own website and it gets traffic, some
of your visitors are ending up on that page. Now, if
they are seeing the generic message that their browser
shows them when it happens, then you are not making
good use of your web real estate.
Every page of your website can put money in your pocket.
Even your 404 error page. You can customize that page
just like any other page on your website.
Some ideas to utilize on that page include:
-Making an special offer at a discounted price.
-Having it be a squeeze page.
-Making it an Adsense page.
-Redirecting it to a related affiliate product.
Those are just a few of the many different, yet profitable
types of ways you can make good use of your
404 error page.

It won't make you rich, but it definitely will put some
extra money in your account. Maybe it will help you pay
one of your bills, or you can just reinvest it into your
Either way, if you don't customize this page, you can be
leaving money on the table. Having something for your
visitors to see that end up on that page is extremely more
beneficial to you then not having anything on that page.
Here's to making good use of every page on your website.

All the best,


Monday, September 11, 2006

Goals for making money blogging

My goal this week for my newest website:
Its going to a 20 page website. Following this plan I really like this plan!! and I must say it is much better than alot of the other stuff I have read in the MANY e-books I have either bought or downloaded. (thats a whole other post though)
I think maybe the article submissions might be alot of work at the begininning. So I'll just have to stay disciplined and stick to the plan.
So far work on the site is rolling along, still lots I would like to get done
1.) Adsense on the pages
2.) affiliate products in the appropriate places
3.) Additional content. Not using plr though.
4.) Newsletter email capture
5.) creating my own product
Yowsers lots of work ahead of me
I have'nt submitted it yet... think I should I wait till its done, or just submitt it as is?
I havent changed any of the forum sig files to include my making money blogging site at this point either. I just dont want people showing up and seeing a half done site.
Still doing keyword research to properly optimize the pages. Lots to do !!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Has Joel Comm gone over to the dark side

A long time ago in an email far far away, Joel comm released his instant adsense template product. (notice the lack of an aff link)
Has he gone over to the dark side with this.?
Joel comm has done very well for himself and is a very knowledgeable resource if you're looking at going beyond what google has to say about monetizing a website or blog using adsense.
But his latest venture I have to question.
I know he knows as do the other copy cats and hucksters that publishing duplicate content will just get you delisted or banned or what ever the great gods that be at google deem fitting.
Quoted from an email
"Making money with AdSense is done by creating content-rich sites that people actually want to visit, and NOT by tossing up page upon page of PLR content that everyone and their dog also has on a web site. That is a recipe for DISASTER! That's why the PLR content included with the next set of Instant AdSense Templates will be minimal. It will exist ONLY as a placeholder for you to see where your own original content will go."

Now I may be off on this so correct me if you think I am. But it looks to me like joel is flogging the use of duplicate content but is making a disclaimer not to, to cover his butt.
Im pretty he knows as well as you or I that those that buy this package more than likely dont write their own content, dont have the time to write their own content, not maintain 5-10 page mini site.
There a PLR craze going on right now, has been for a while to be honest. And loads of people are jumping on this bandwagon. To make a fast buck by fleecing visitors whilke providing nothing other than a mish mash of adsense block.
Yes the arguments are many and varied for and against this kind of business practice.
Sorry people I just dont see it as running a business, developing a relationship. Solving a problem or providing a high quality product that someone will find useful.
Why wuld you want to run a site like this. Leaving that footprint all over the net in plain view of the SE's only to have them delist you or bann your adsense account altogethor.
Some of the other instant adsense template products are being promotes as a cloaked site, Cody Moyas product anyways, one the SE's sees and one the visitor sees. Now I havent read the Adsense TOS but I'm pretty sure this is a no no.
Heres a great and muchmore eloquently written article about what I am talking about.
Oh I can't wait till the next google update!!!!

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