Friday, March 31, 2006

making money online, starting a home based business

Starting out making money online?, or starting a home based business

If you're new to the Internet and the make money online business world, you've probably visited website after website and are getting to the "over-whelmed" stage! Very understandable! Not long ago, we were where you are right now - and just as confused and skeptical. Take some deep breaths and a few moments to grab a cup of your favorite beverage. When you're ready, come back! This website has a lot of information for you to digest and numerous opportunities. Researching it will require a lot of your time. But it will be time well-spent! Of course we hope you'll find what you're searching for here, but if not, we hope we have increased your knowledge base.
The only way to do this is to create your own profitable website. Don't let the thought scare you. Nowadays, you don't need technical skills or computer skills because there are hosts that do all of the "technical stuff" for you so you can focus on building your business.

Your website should provide content related to your niche. People search online for information. They don't search for you.
Any successful website follows a simple 4-step process called C-T-P-M, developed by web marketing expert Ken Evoy:

1. Give your readers what they want by converting your knowledge into high-quality, in-demand Content. In other words, you'll write about topics related to your niche that others want to learn about.
2. Your content ranks high at search engines which attracts free, targeted Traffic...readers who are interested in your content.
3. You OVERdeliver high-value content to these motivated readers, developing trust and confidence ("PREsell" your readers).
4. FINALLY, you're ready to Monetize your warm, willing-to-buy customers. This is when you must diversify. Don't just post a link to your websites . Take advantage of additional AUTOMATED monetization models:
• Sell your digital or hard goods to targeted customers
• Add targeted Google ads (you get paid for every click)
• Partner with and link to books related to your theme
• Partner with eBay and get paid for everyone who signs up from your site
• Monetize automatically through affiliate programs related to your theme
• Sell information
make money online, start a home based business

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Grab #1 Search Engine Rankings Using Blogs

Make money blogging
Grab #1 Search Engine Rankings Using Blogs
How to use blogs to get as much free traffic as you want
Dear friend
If you want to get more targeted traffic to your website or blog and want to explode your income then take 5 minutes and read this post. You'll be glad you did.
Rob Benwell has just revealed an amazing discovery he's made to me about how he's getting #1 rankings without the hard work you should be doing to get high search engine positions.He only made this discovery a couple of months ago and already has gone from zero to $4470.62 from affiliate commissions in January alone.
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blogging to the bank
The discovery was first made when he put up his first blog. He tried a few new ideas he had and shot to the number one spot within a week and was making money blogging. The shocking thing is that his blog only had 9 back links and it out ranked websites with over 2500 back links.
Rob has discovered the secrets to optimizing blogs for high rankings without hard work. The exciting thing is that he's willing to share these exact secrets with you. His step by step blueprint takes you through the basic's of setting up your blogs to advanced SEO techniques and getting thousands of one way backlinks He even shows you how to select the right market and affiliate program that will guarantee huge commissions. His new guide 'Blogging to the Bank' is perfect for both newbies and the experienced marketer.
So if you want to start earning huge affiliate commissions online and sky rocket your Adsense income or even just flood your existing website with targeted traffic then please just go read his website by clicking below.
Blogging to the Bank
Kind Regards shane
PS. This is a limited offer so make sure you check it out today or you may miss out.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

10 Order Pulling Ways To End Your Ad Copy

1. You could end your ad copy by telling people
what will happen if they buy your product. Use
your most powerful benefit as the example.

2. You could end your ad copy by telling people
what will happen if they don't buy your product. Use
a problem that they won't be able to solve without it.

3. You could end your ad copy with a question
they will always say yes too. They then will be used
to saying yes when you ask them to order.

4. You could end your ad copy with a short review
of your whole ad. Repeat all the major benefits and
features they will receive.

5. You could end your ad copy with a deadline.
Tell them it's a limited time offer and they need to
order by a specific date.

6. You could end your ad copy with a powerful
guarantee. Give them a lifetime or triple your
money back guarantee.

7. You could end your ad copy with a testimonial.
Use one or two of your customers' testimonials
that is believable and includes specific results.

8. You could end your ad copy with a free bonus.
When you give them a free bonus it increases the
product's perceived value.

9. You could end your ad copy with a discounted
price. Just list your regular price and then offer a
discounted price off the order right now.

10. You could end your ad copy with a free sample
or trial of your product. If your ad didn't attract them
to buy, maybe a free sample or trial would.

Dont forget to get your free copy of the affiliate masters Ebook, by ken evoy

Saturday, March 25, 2006

good content = adsense bucks

Without good content, your use of Google Adsense, is going to keep you in poor house.

undoubtedly, without good, solid content of any sort on your website, your ads will not create profit for you.

Content is KING, CASH is king. Search engines love content WHY? because it is content that they use to deliver websites to your search.

Without content on your site for search engines to use how do you expect to be found. Without it, you will die. no-one on your site equals no clicks on ads. and worse BAD ADS.

The search engines, check your page for content and relevancy when you buy pay-per-click traffic. Without it NO ADS.

You NEED content

Dont you love content, and won't you search for it.D on't you search out good things to read. Well guess what, you're no different than anyonelse out there. So like Costner said Build it and they will come !!! And if you provide content, they’ll come back again and again and again for your content.

There are a bajillion places to find content, its all around you.

Think about it for just one second. Whats happening around you affects you. So tailor your niche to it. Look at the news in your niche.
Find out what people are searching for. Build content for them.
Do some research find out how the succussful sites are doing, what they are doing, copy them.
Go to a book store look at the magazine racks.
Watch people when theyre doing what theyre doing, you'd be surprised by what you see.

Positioning for profit

As part of my research and brainstorming for my home based internet business. I was playing a game with my sig other. It went like this, and i'll explain why I think its important, and what I see on the net, and how it all relates.
It all started out quite innocently, really it did .
My sig other was harping at me that I drink ALOT of coke. something in the area of a litre a day.
So she asked me "shane why do you like coke so much". Now thats an innocent enough question. but it is a mind blower if you really think about. I didnt really have a good answer other than I like how it tastes.
I'm a fairly cerebral person, so this got the gears going. WHY do I like coke anyways. Ya it tastes good but I also like root beer and doctor pepper as well. But I'm not drinking them like its the end of the world.
SO we started playing a game. I asked her to choose a category and I said i'll tell her the first word that came to mind.
heres the list:
soft drinks: coke.
sports cars: porsche
jeans: levi's
shoes: Doc Martins
beer: Canadian (its a brand in case you dont know, and I wish there was an affiliate pgm for it too !!!)
music: Simple minds.
the list is a little longer than I want to bore you with. But its the idea that I am getting at here. Human nature and psychological triggers or programming. We all have this little personal keyword list we run in our heads and it determines for us what we buy or want and need. she was basically running a survey on me to determine what I want like need and want. Its like we have a product pyramid in our heads at the top is what we like the most and below it are 2nd tier and 3rd tier products, that we'd choose when we cant get what we like the most.
I'm going to keyword search my little pyramid and post the results later.
My point in all this is this: I think that marketers are missing the boat on surveying people and rely too much on getting top rankings in search engines. I don't think the search engine rankings match the product pyramids we have in our heads..

OR is the keyword search they SURVEY !!

According to
here are some of the key word returns for the little list above
shopping : 918871 shopping (wow)
coke: 39026 coke
porsche: 156390 porsche (wow)
levis: 66574 levi
doc martins: 17718 doc martens
beer: 96389 beer
music: 14387292 music (wow)
Sports cars: 73841 sports car
Jeans: 74153 jeans
shoes: 706868 shoes

Pretty crazy huh. Seems like you can use your own head to find a niche. !!!!
what do you think?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

12 ways to get free traffic to your website

Sorry its been almost a week since the last time I posted.
Ive been reading and discovering more helpful hints tips and tricks for you!!. So you can grow your home based business and make money online.
So todays topic is going to be on, you guessed it Traffic !!!!
I've discovered 31 ways to get traffic to your website !!

12 free ways to get traffic to your site:

1. Joint Ventures
2. Write Ezine Articles
3. RSS (Real Simply Syndication)
4. Free Directory Listings
5. Search Engine & Crawler Listings
6. Group and Forum Postings
7. Reciprocal Linking
8. FFA’s (Free-for-all Link Pages)
Just a note on FFA's: SERPS my penalize you for your use of these. I personally have found no increase in traffic. When I tested these I went back after making my submission and found my link down the bottom of the page after only a few hours, I'm sure Im off the listing by now. So use it at your own discretion.
9. Banner Exchanges
10. Use an Email Signature
11. Start or Homepage Networks
12. Refer-a-Friend Scripts.

These are just the tip of the iceberg!!! there are many more click here to discover how you can get much more traffic to your site and to help you grow your home based business AND make you even more money online.
Just a short note on those annoying ads, well I find them annoying anyways. That offer you "free traffic". Yeah you know the ones. "For 47$ (or what ever they're offering it for) we can get you millions of free visitors. Um didnt they just say free for 47 dollars? . Why would you pay for something you can get for free?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

7 ways to get traffic to your blog

Hi Guys and gals, I was just over at 5 star affiliate marketing forums and found this post so I thought I would just post it here, It has some has some great tips for you bloggers out there!!! Enjoy and don't say I never gave you anything !! :-P

Hey everyone,Here's an article we're getting ready to publish...Anik Singal
You’ve put a lot of work into your blog, and you put more in every day. But without a steady stream of traffic, no one’s the wiser.
Use these seven tips to get more traffic to your blog.

1) Do your SEO and keyword research homework.Make sure the HTML of your site is search engine friendly. Here’s a basic search engine optimization checklist:• Do your post titles have appropriate keywords?• Do your anchor links have keywords in them? Using “here” as a link is a missed opportunity.• Does your domain name include a primary keyword?

2) Submit your site to the 1st and 2nd tier engines like Google, Yahoo, Dmoz, MSN and Looksmart, and to the blog directories.

Here’s a short list of sites that offer free blog listings:
Blog Search
Globe of blog

3) Ping like you mean it.This is a way for you to raise your hand to the blog trackers when you’ve posted new content. You can do it site by site at places like Technorati, or go to Ping-o-matic ( and mass-ping your blog to over 20 sites. Make sure your blog is set up to ping the appropriate sites every time you publish a post.

4) Feed your RSS. Make sure your blog has one and that it’s working.
An RSS feed is a bit of XML that allows your blog to push content to RSS readers.
That way people don’t have to visit your site to get your latest insights – they just open their RSS reader and read the news. If your blog is at, don’t worry about an RSS feed – its already been created for you. If you’re not at and your current blog doesn’t have RSS functionality, visit and sign up for their free service that will set up an RSS feed from any website (blog or not).

5) Swap links. Make a list of relevant sites you’d love to link to your blog. Write them a short friendly note and offer to let them use a few of your posts as content on their site in exchange for a link back to your site. Also, link to their sites from within one of your posts. Be sure to offer to exchange links in the links section of your blog. Most blog software programs offer this. There are also sites that specialize in helping bloggers swap links. Web Log Empire ( is a large one. If you’re willing to pay for a link to your site, check out Text-Link-Ads (

6) Be part of the blogging community.Go to other blog sites you admire. Contribute to their blogs in ways that add real value. Write good, thoughtful comments that are content rich. Give away what you know. Do it a lot – at least 3 posts a week. Over time you’ll become recognized as someone who has something worthwhile to say.
As your reputation grows, people will seek out your blog. This is not an overnight process, but by paying your dues and building an audience you are positioning yourself to become a star. By the way, if your site doesn’t have the functionality for visitors at add comments, Haloscan ( is a free service that will let them do so. It also allows for “trackbacking”, which is a way to manage pings.

7) Write your blog! Put everything you’ve got into it. Make it great. Post as frequently as you can. The search engines will note frequent postings.

A blog that has a new post every day is obviously more active – and important – than a blog that was set up in 2003, has 4 posts, and has been dead since 2004.
To really make your blog get noticed you’ll need to post at least 2-3 times a week.

This article has been authored by Anik Singal, an extremely successful and young internet entrepreneur and affiliate marketing consultant. Anik has developed his own affiliate marketing system that helped him earn over $10,466 in 60 days – Enroll in his FREE course today...
Anik Singal :: Affiliate Marketing CoachBuilding an Affiliate Business - Step by Step Coaching Affiliate Marketing Blog: http://Blog.AffiliateClassroom.comFree Affiliate Marketing Magazine!Download Now - FREE!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blog and ping and blog and ping!!

Blog and Ping:
What you do is this : Go get a Blog.. you can install the blog to your own site or use a free blogger tool like Or wordpress, its popular these days.

Ad content each and everyday, content specific to your niche and with a link back to your site.

Ping the blog using a pinging service like .
This will update several services about your content . Then, and this is the great part !!! Search Engines will spider your blog and and guess what LOCATE your site.

Getting traffic to your blog, or site!!!...
Find other blogs related to your niche. You can do this by searching for blogs related to yours. Comment on that blog add a link back to your site. So that people and the spiders find your site.
This helps with traffic and builds a sense of community for you, its good word of mouth and its free.

Write articles
You can also use article submission sites. To gain backlinks to your site. Remember the purpose of an Ezine… authors and website owners are searching for content articles to put on their ezines and websites. If its a good article it could wind up in front of thousands of ezine readers and AGAIN it’s free.
Don’t forget to include your author bio... you can add a link to your site. WHY? Well, because Websites and Ezine Publishers must include your bio with the article. AGAIN free exposure for your site.

Use places like Articlecity. Just search for ezines and you’ll get some place to submit your stuff. There are also Article Submission software and services to place your article on thousands directories saving you time.

Look for forums that let you to post free ads. Best if you find forums related to your content. Participate in the forum, and include a signature with your link in it. AGAIN free advertising !!!. Forums are excellent for posting your URL , while finding ideas for content.

Reciprocate that link
Start a link trade campaign with other sites in the same niche. Just ask nicely !!

Why are affiliate commissions HIGH

I’m in the process of writing an e-book. And as a result have been doing some research into what commissions to offer my affiliates after the e-book is ready for launch.

Here’s what I’ve discovered.
Recently affiliate commissions have been mislabeled as JVs and then they promptly skyrocketed to 50 and 75%

Some e-book and net products authors and producers have spent years developing their products. Have spent months writing their book and polishing it. Why should they give an affiliate 50% of the benefits of their labour?

On top of that, there are freebie seekers that have no intentions of promoting your book and just want to get the productat a discount, by buying with their affiliate link.

I’ve read 80% of your affiliates sell less than 20% of your books — and some people say 97% of your affiliates sell less than 3%! So most are not really working for you at all are they?

If you were to do some testing and dropped the “earn income” affiliate sign-up link from your site — would your profits skyrocket?.

So this brings me to the notion of cross promoting products. Should I look at cross promoting my product when it s all done? IS this the nature of JV's. You promote my product to your list and I'll promote yours to my list?

Should I have a sales page with an earn money affiliate link page? Or should I leave it off? What would be the result? Would my sales drop, would my profit as a result drop or go up?.

I have read that if I dropped the affiliate sign up link my profits would DOUBLE and sales would be increased.

It strikes me that many people that purchase any book or product online were freebie seekers — wanting to cut themselves a discount by using their affiliate link to get the product.

I wouldn’t call them dishonest. I know that it is human nature. To do this.

In my offline business (I’m a mechanical contractor) I get products for resale at a 30-70% discount) and I do purchase with my account for personal use.

So should I only offer my customers my affiliate link in an email following their purchase?. I guess the point is I don’t want anyone saying, “I recommend this book,” without having used my product! I’m translating my offline business experience to my online experience here. In my business it’s fairly hard if not impossible for someone to refer a product they have never seen or used. Or they might say I saw this product at aunt harriets and it sure looks nice, or aunt harriet is happy with her new bath tub...

How do you give word of mouth for something you have never used?

I have seen affiliates promoting products that they don’t even own. I personally have bought the products I recommend, read them or used them to some extent.

So…should I be of the mind that affiliate commissions should be 50% minimum. Or lower….let’s say 20% — and that only a true joint venture should be 50%. And that affliates only get the 50% commish after having bought the product...?

Should I believe that one of your affiliates blasting an email to their list, justifies a 50% commission.. Should I contact a merchant and say hey, I have a product I’d like to market to your list. And offer them a 50% commish?

any thoughts on this ?

Does giving high affiliate commissions turn the head of some affiliates?.

I’m sure, many affiliates will sign up and then not sell. Either because they lack the experience or knowledge.

Does, it also encourage the good affiliates to use “paid” advertising methods, since they wouldn’t normally be able to afford that with a smaller commission.

Does, a high commission encourage (the good) affiliates to sell. Even if I give away most of my profits. Is getting a NEW customer much more expensive and time consuming than selling to an existing customer.
There are affiliates who are motivated (and paid well) sell and do all the hard work–bringing in first time buyers. Should they be compensated additionally for the addition to the opt in list?

Another thing I have thought about is this: do some affiliates feel resentful that they are the ones building huge opt in lists for other marketers. So from that standpoint, are they interested in directing traffic elsewhere and building someone else’s list and just getting an off the top commish?.

Should I as a merchant also add an incentive or a kick back for the amount of people that are added to my future opt in lists ?

Is this why commissions keep rising?
Back to cross promoting products….I know this is a competitive industry. SO If someone is going to recommend my product, should I offer a big commish?, because I know that in effect he’s my competition (he’ll be selling similar products). And by recommending his product to MY list, I know some of my list will end up on his list.
Any opinions on this?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Super affiliate hand book review

Rosalind Gardner is a real success story, and a real person !.
She has been very successful with affiliate marketing and now gives it all up in the Super Affiliate Handbook.
How successful? Well how about $436,797 I’d call that a true success story.

NO B.S. Rosalind works ( did I say that 4 letter word) hard and reaps the benefits of her hard work.
Finally !!! you get to learn from somebody who walks her talk with The facts to back them up.

I'm not a fan of those overly wordy e-books that go on forever pre-selling their own products and go on at length about stuff you can find in most any forum. I prefer useful information short and to the point. This is what Rosalind delivers.

Its 268 pages of great taste-less filling information and help. The super affiliate handbook is broken up into short chapters which flow quickly flick from one topic to another.

What struck me as important that you won’t find in most of the e-books out there is the stressed importance she places on building an opt-in list. This is the life blood of any affiliate marketer. If you were going to buy the book for one thing and one thingy only I’d say that the section on building an opt in list is the thing !!

The chapters read like this:
Let's Talk Business
Affiliate Business Basics
Setting Up Shop
Researching Profitable Ideas
Where To Find Products and Services To Sell
How To Choose Programs and Products
Domain Issues
Plan Your Website
Build Your Website
Turn Clicks Into Customers
28 Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Business
Manage Your Affiliate Business
Grow Your Business

As you can see Rosalind covers all the bases. She runs a step-by-step approach. Of creating, running and managing an Online affiliate business Each chapter bilds upon the one the one before it teaching you the all tools and skills you'll need to be up and running in a short period of time.

In short: The super affiliate handbook is an easy to read guide to planning, starting and running your own online affiliate business. Learn from the someone who earned over $436,000 . The proof is in the pudding.

As an added bonus!! Rosalind has her own newsletter, blog and forum. Click here for access. Oh did I mention that she also has free content for your use !!!

To find out more about the superaffiliate handbook click here

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

RED HERRING | Microsoft to Boost Web Ads

RED HERRING | Microsoft to Boost Web Ads

Microsoft is trying toplay catch up: Read about it In the above article from red herring. Looks like they'll be making a run at it on their live , its new webservices network service for the next year. SO lit looks like Microsoft is number 3 for, it'll be interesting to see how all this shapes up after the honeymoon hang over !!!

Five Years After The Bubble Burst: Global Internet Population Continues Strong Growth

Five Years After The Bubble Burst: Global Internet Population Continues Strong Growth
Good morning everyone!!
I woke up this morning and for one reason or another I was wondering what the population of the internet was going to be, or look like for the next little while. SO as a point of interest to anyone else who is curious I thought I would include the above link for your interest.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Auction Sites Trafficking Stolen Goods Online

- by Jim Edwards

© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Ah yes, eBay! The online auction giant that makes all your
dreams come true for finding that special something you
can't find anywhere else.

It's like a giant garage sale in the sky.

Unfortunately, eBay's size makes it easy for people to sell
stolen or unauthorized merchandise and not get caught.

To their credit, I think eBay does as much as humanly
possible to police their site and shut down any offenders

However, I recently discovered that plenty of mischief still
occurs, especially with downloadable products.

When checking my email yesterday, I found two messages that
disturbed me.

The first was an automated message from eBay telling me
about an auction selling an ebook about writing ebooks.

Another email came in from a good customer who sent me a
link to another auction on eBay that, to them, "looked

I clicked on the links for both auctions and found identical
postings by two different sellers.

Though they did not mention my ebook, "How To Write and
Publish Your Own eBook... in as little as 7 Days," the
blatant similarity between the wording on the auctions and
my website aroused my curiosity.

Since they didn't reference the ebook they were selling by
title, I decided to go ahead and buy from both sellers to
see what they sent me.

Imagine my horror when they both delivered my own ebook,
which they were selling illegally.

I immediately got the auctions shut down, but the damage was
already done.

Plenty of stolen merchandise gets sold via online auction

People call it "bootlegged" or "unauthorized copies" to
soften the wording for what they really know is "stolen

Of the two sellers mentioned above, I believe one knew he
was illegally selling my ebook and didn't care, while the
other person was just ignorant and thought she could sell it
because she'd bought it from someone else. Regardless of
their true intentions, their actions were illegal.

Now, let's discuss how you protect yourself and your
intellectual property against illegal sales and
"bootlegging" on eBay and other online auction sites.

First, set up automated searches on the major online auction

Set them up to automatically notify you whenever an auction
gets posted that includes your name or the name of your

You can also set them up to email you whenever an auction
gets listed with certain keywords in it, in my case "write

Second, if you find someone has stolen your intellectual
property (sales copy, ebooks, photos, graphics, software,
etc.) you should first contact the seller and politely, but
firmly, ask them to remove it.

If they don't, or if they take more than a few hours to
respond, you should contact the auction site directly to
request an immediate takedown of the offending auction.

eBay's "Vero" program, for example, enables you to simply
fax in a form or send an email to get an auction removed.

You should also go back and check periodically to make sure
that an offending seller doesn't start selling your product
again once they think the uproar has died down.

Third, pay attention to emails from customers and prospects
for signs of anything strange.

Watch for comments like "I saw your ebook for sale on eBay,"
or "I saw it cheaper on eBay."

Also, make sure to compare customer service inquiries to
your customer database.

Anyone who asks specific questions about a product and
appears to possess it, but never bought it from you, should
immediately raise a red flag.

Always try to find out where they bought the product and get
them to send you a copy of their email receipt, because all
roads to the thief usually lead back through the credit card

Finally, trust the never-failing boomerang of karma to come
full circle and ultimately whack any thief in the head!


Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-
author of an incredible new ebook that will teach you how to
write and publish your own highly profitable ebook in a week
or less... even if you failed high school English class!

Why are some people getting rich selling their ebooks?
Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale have created the *ultimate* guide
"How to Write and Publish your own Outrageously
Profitable eBook... in as little as 7 Days!"
FREE Details: ==>

Tell me - is your site indexed with Google?

Do you know how to be sure?

OK. Here's a little known technique that will get your site
indexed with the world's leading search engine in 30 seconds
without you paying anything at all.

1. Download and install the Google Toolbar. (make sure you get the right version
for your browser).

2. Install it

3. Type your website (just into the toolbar
search box and click 'search'

If your site comes up in a new window then its already indexed
with Google. If, instead, you get a window saying 'Sorry, no
information is available for the URL...' then its not indexed.

BUT... the very action of searching for it using the Google
Toolbar will have got it indexed and will have put the Google's
spiders on standby ready to come out and inspect your site.

To check its worked, do the same exercise again in 3 days time
(everything always takes 72 hours on the web) and see what a
different result you get.

So there you go: A small step on the web but a big step for your

10 Killer Ways To Make People Click

1. Use reverse psychology on your banner ads. You
could tell people not to click on your banner ad. For
example "Don't Click Here If You Are Comfortable
With Your Looks"

2. Make your banner ad words as attractive as
possible. Use words like ultimate, powerful, sizzling,
hot, etc. Your words should relate and highlight
your total offer.

3. Offer a discount offer on your banner ad. People
are always looking for good deals. You could offer
a percentage discount, dollar discount, buy one get
one free discount, etc.

4. Use a testimonial on your banner ad. This'll give
people proof they aren't wasting their time clicking
on your banner ad. The testimonial should include
enough information so they understand the offer.

5. You could have a famous and respectable person
on your banner ad representing your product, web
site or service. People will click because they'll trust
them over you.

6. Use a strong guarantee on your banner ad. You
could include the guarantee as a headline for your
offer. It could read double or triple your money back
guarantee, lifetime your money back guarantee, etc.

7. Tell people to click on your banner ad. Newbies
to the internet may net even know they can click on
banners. Just having the phrase "click here" on your
banner will increase your clickthroughs.

8. You could advertise a trial or sample offer. This
will tell people there is no risk or obligation if they
click on your banner ad and try out your product or

9. Tell people the major benefit of your product, web
site or service on your banner ad. It could be benefits
like make money, lose weight, increase energy, save
money, save time, etc.

10. You could advertise a free offer on your banner
ad. People love free stuff. The freebie should relate
to your target audience. If the freebie is attractive
to them they will click.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Affiliate masters Free e-book download

Affiliate Masters.pdf

Our #1 Suggestion For 2006

What does affiliate success boil down to? Let's start...
at the beginning!

The number #1 challenge for all affiliates...

Build a Web site...

that builds targeted traffic...

and that causes visitors to click through...

with a warm, open-to-buy attitude...

to merchant sites that you represent.


There is an endless labyrinth of possible software
and information/advice offered on the Net. I'm not sure
which is worse... the overpriced products that underdeliver,
or all the free info available, most of which does not work so
it costs you something more valuable even than money... your time.

Wouldn't it be great if the single best approach,
explained in detail, was also free?! Here it is...

The Affiliate Masters Course.

This 10-DAY course focuses
on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. It leads you, step by digestible step, day by day,
through a flawless process...

... from developing a Site Concept

... to brainstorming hundreds of profitable related keywords

... to building a themed site

... to generating motivated, targeted traffic that wants to click on your recommendations, links to the related products sold by merchants you represent.

The most amazing part of this course?

It's free!

Actually, the "price" is only the second most amazing part. The best thing about the Masters Course is the clear, high-quality, step-by-step, day-by-day content that lays out a process that really works.

Click here to Download the
  • Affiliate Masters Course e-book.

  • 670 Kb - Windows and MacOs

    This will unzip a folder called "Affiliate Masters Course" on your desktop
    (if you do not change the default location). The folder contains two files...

    1) ReadMeFirst.txt

    Please do read this file first -- it will get you to a flying start!

    2) Affiliate Masters Course.pdf

    This is it! The course in e-book format!

    The Affiliate Masters Course shows anyone how to become a high-earning
    affiliate champion. Yes, anyone... from
    newbie to those already enjoying success. It shows you
    everything, nothing held back. All the info you need to help you
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    is included in one single course. Actually...

    It's better than any other affiliate course or book available
    anywhere, at any price. No exceptions... but it does raise
    a question...

    Why would, the originators of this course, give it all
    away? Because they're hoping that you'll buy their truly excellent product, Site Build It! (SBI!).
    You do not have to, of course. (As a matter of fact... aside from delivering the course itself, SiteSell will never contact you again!)

    All the info you need to execute a powerful, successful strategy is contained in the Masters Course. Nothing is held back --
    I was amazed at the great ideas and the perfect process, laid out in an
    organized and do-able manner.

    And while I do totally endorse SBI! as The Perfect Affiliate Business-Builder, you may well find that the course itself is really all you need --
    SBI! simply delivers the tools to make it even easier and faster
    to get the job done.

    To sum it up, The Affiliate Masters Course
    strategy for success is simple...

    1) Create content that attracts targeted traffic.
    2) Then convert that traffic into dollars by causing
    visitors to click-through to the sites of the merchants that you represent.

    3) Develop multiple streams of income through quality merchants (ours, of course, plus other non-competing ones that fit your theme).

    Yes, we've finally found the single best solution, the total
    affiliate solution. You'll graduate as an accomplished affiliate Net marketer, a super-affiliate in the making.

    Take The Affiliate Masters Course today.
    I will not make a more important suggestion during 2006.

  • Saturday, March 11, 2006

    Traffic Blasters

    Traffic Blasters
    What does a traffic blaster do? their ads are "blasted" through the internetwebblogosphere.
    Just google this word see what you'll get.
    Traffic blasters are supposed to “blast” your site to a gajillion search engines, and classifieds, and a whack of other places All by clickity clicking your mouse. Oh did I mention for the minimal fee of $29.95.
    And sell the “blast” like the latest internet crack, they do.
    Lets do the math on this:, IF, lets say you could “blast” an add to a gajjillion viewers, why would you sell it for 29.95$. Unless of course you spend WAY to much time watching late night info-mercials.
    Ok theres lots of internet crack out there. And I hate to make you sober up so fast, but there is NO MAGIC PILL.
    You can't pay a fee then click a button and presto the money comes rolling in. It just doesn't work like that.

    Looking to monetize your site, or blog ?

    Looking to monetize your site?, want something other than or in addition to google adsense? Then maybe text-link-ads is a good solution for you .

    About text-links-ads:
    Text Link Ads is the premier targeted traffic and link popularity ad firm. they specialize in placing static html links on high quality, high traffic web properties. Their clients have seen a dramatic increase in targeted traffic, brand exposure, and natural search engine rankings with our service. They currently work with a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 firms to individual website owners.

    Text Link Ads was co-founded by Patrick Gavin. He is a search marketing expert and speaker at industry leading conferences including Search Engine Strategies and Webmasterworld Conferences.

    Text Link Ads

    Friday, March 10, 2006

    Tips and tools

    I've added a tips and tools post, that I'll Update regularly as I come across some new useful things

    Free search engine optimization tools

    Some tools for your use in selecting and finding Key words bid amounts

    And heres the Google ads preview blog. I found this quite by accident. Hope these tools are useful !!

    Hers a cool little tool for checking your link popularity

    Link building 101: how to get the most amount of links to your site in the least amount of time

    Pssst... I'm going to let you in on the worst kept secret of search engine optimization:
    It's all about getting links to your website.

    I'm serious. While on-page factors such as keyword density and title tags are rudimentary techniques that almost every new website has picked up on (quite a difference from three years ago), link building is something that still eludes many webmasters, and for good reason: It involves work.
    In fact, search engine optimization is about 90 percent effort and 10 percent experience. You need experience to recognize which keywords are more profitable, which techniques you need to learn in order to get more visitors to your website, etc. etc. After learning all that, it's just a matter of getting down to doing the work itself. And that is why search engine optimization software such as SEO Elite are so effective: They cut down on the sheer load of work involved and provide intuitive ways for you to use your experience and get the most out of your investments (in this case, your website AND your time!)

    In this lesson I'm going to talk a bit about the techniques you can use to get more links to your website. There's nothing special about them; they all involve some work, but they all pay off in terms of targeted traffic. In fact, that should be the prime goal of your link building campaign:
    All the strategies mentioned below can be used to get more links to your website. It goes without saying that the more of these strategies you use, the faster you'll be able to get more links.

    A common pitfall for most people new to SEO is that they often get sucked in by catchphrases such as ‘the best way to get links to your website' or ‘the top 3 strategies you can use to get tons of links to your website'. The truth is that none of these techniques is the ‘best'. In reality, your website and your business model (in other words, the nature of your website-customer interaction) will determine the most fitting strategies for your linkbuilding campaign.
    In fact, when you launch your linking campaign, you'll probably have varying degrees of success with the strategies below. For example, article submissions are a great way to earn more subscribers to your newsletter, while affiliate programs work wonderfully well if you have a decent list of proven products (or a great product). The methods below are not separated in any specific way; I've listed the ‘free' methods first and the paid methods later. Use this list as a reference through your link building campaign, and for best results, mix and match these techniques in the way they suit your website the best.

    Just Ask !!
    The traditional way of getting links is to directly ask potential link partners to link to your website. This can be a one-way link or a reciprocal link (more on reciprocal links later). The key factors here are to identify potential link partners and then to contact them and offer either a reciprocal link, an offer to their visitors, or both (we'll cover paid links later).
    Finding potential partners is a difficult business. It used to be that you would search on a major search engine like Google or Yahoo for your target keywords, and then check each website in the top 50 or top 100 listings manually, evaluating their similarity to your niche and noting their contact information. This is a tedious process, and is fraught with the primary obstacle of most link managers: ‘What if they say no?'
    You could make them an offer they can't refuse (which you will, and I'll tell you how) but to improve your chances, use technology to your advantage. As before, use your target keywords to search for the top websites in your niche, but instead of contacting them, use a search engine optimization software to evaluate the back-links of a top website.
    The idea here is to find out which websites link to the top competition in your niche – the websites in the top 10 or top 20 results for your target keywords.

    Write an article:
    The second step is to make the approach, sell the idea, or like I said before, make them an offer they can't refuse. Part of this approach is to ability to write convincingly (you'll find samples online of successful link request emails) and it is something you learn with time – test your link requests by sending different letters and measuring the response and repeating what works.
    The other half involves the offer itself – what your website (or you) can offer to the link partner that will compel him/her to link to you. If you're looking for free links, this offer can include a reciprocal link, site-wide links or maybe just the quality of your website content. The idea here is to sell your link even before they visit your website to check if it's worth linking to, and this can only happen if you can the right pitch.
    The idea is quite simple. To establish yourself as a knowledgeable expert in your field, you need to be able to project your knowledge beyond your own website. In this case it involves writing articles on a particular topic in your niche, and distributing them to article directories online.
    While this is a crude approach, the method can be refined by offering an article to potential link partners – thus providing them with valuable content for their visitors. Article syndication is a powerful tool and if used properly can generate hundreds, even thousands of visitors for you.
    A quick search within your niche can help you find article directories where you can position your article, but a better option is to look at content aggregation websites in your niche – sites which regularly post articles from off-site authors. This not only gives you a chance to build your links but also gives your reputation in this field a boost, something that you can leverage in later techniques.

    Run an affiliate program:
    If you sell a product, or a range of products, or even a membership service, launching an affiliate program is the quickest way to get inbound links. Of course, you'll need to promote the affiliate program beyond your own website, and you can combine the above two techniques to promote not only your website but also your affiliate program.
    In addition, if you have an e-product (an e-book or software) and you sell it through a portal like ClickBank, you can be assured that your affiliates are managed directly through their website. In case you want to run your own affiliate script, you can find several for a low price and even some good ones for free.

    An affiliate program offers your visitors and potential link partners the chance to make money by doing a little promotion of your product. For other webmasters that could simply involve posting your link or even posting your article promoting your product on their website; a sure bet for getting a link.
    Directory Submissions and site submissions
    Second-tier directories and niche directories are seriously under-estimated in terms of their impact on your website traffic. If you're just starting out and looking for free traffic, steer clear of the paid listings of Yahoo and ilk and concentrate on smaller hubs. They may not receive hundreds of thousands of visitors every day, but if you can garner 10 visitors a day from one directory, and get 10 or 20 such directories to which you can submit your link, you have a free stream of 100-200 daily visitors for only an hour's worth of work.

    Paid Links:
    The same goes for submitting your website's link on sites that have a ‘links' page and require a reciprocal link in exchange. While this is not the best strategy to get links by, it will help you in the beginning to get some traffic and hopefully, natural links as a result of that traffic.
    If you're looking for a high value link (for example a link from a PR 7 page) and your website is fairly new, you're not going to get in through normal means. In this case, the offer involves money, and this can usually be judged through the site's own advertising policies. Search the website for its media kit, or something similar. Alternatively, you can email them asking them about advertising opportunities on their websites. In this case being direct is the best approach, and will save both your time and theirs.
    Of course, the catch here is the amount of money you're willing to pay. Some websites charge a monthly fee, others charge a ‘per impressions' fee (for example, your ad would be shown for 10,000 page views only). In these cases you won't have much room to negotiate if you are just starting out, so it's advisable to shun the big guns and go for the smaller fish – people who won't ask you for too much money and will accept a combination of reciprocal linking, money and some other ‘free method' such as an article submission. Once your website carries its own weight in traffic and Page Rank, you can target the PR 7 and PR 8 websites.
    The advantage of such websites is the sheer amount of traffic they get. A news site in Pakistan gets about 60,000 page views a day. Even on a CTR (click-thru-rate) of 1%, that amounts to 600 visitors a day, or 18,000 visitors a month.
    The question is, what will you do with this traffic? The possibilities are endless

    Paid Listings:
    Similar to paid links, paid directory listings are essentially directory inclusions for your website. For some directories, like Yahoo, this is a yearly arrangement, and even then there is no guarantee of inclusion; your website must pass certain editorial criteria. On other, less known directories, the payment is simply a one-time fee plus a request for a reciprocal link.
    In many ways paid listings and links are the ‘extra' tweaks that you give to your online business. Even if you have the cash at the start, it's a prudent strategy to pursue free linkbuilding strategies alongside paid methods to ensure that you don't invest too much in your business before it starts to show a profit.
    The key to a successful link-building campaign is the consistency of effort you put in. Cut out the hard work in finding link partners (and for that matter, niche directories) by using a linking software such as SEO Elite, with which you can simply plug in the website URL, select your search engine and get a list of all the websites that link to it, the anchor text of those websites as well as their Page Rank. Lists like these, of your top 20 competitors, should be your target link partners during your link campaign.
    Link-building is a simple business. All it requires is consistency, and some hard work (which you can eliminate using a simple search engine optimization software such as SEO Elite). And with things being so easy, don't be surprised if you follow these steps and find yourself in the top 10 results for your keyword in just a few months.

    Courtesy of brad callen SEO Elite

    Thursday, March 09, 2006

    Adsense secrets 3 rd edition !!

    AdSense Secrets

    Joel Comm's best-selling AdSense ebook 3rd edition has just been released!! (aff)
    This new version (ver 3.0) is an info packed 199 pages. !!

    And to make things even more incredibly appealing he has added a series of EXCLUSIVE BONUSES that have'nt been offered before, The bonuses include a TWO MONTH FREE entrance into his AdSense Premier Coaching Club (valued at $194).

    For those interested in marketing this appealing product: He has uploaded a brand new creative to the affiliate area, featuring animated banners of several sizes, featuring testimonies and benefits that will draw clicks. As an affiliate, you will earn 40% on every sale of this instantly downloadable product.

    My personal impression of this, is if you are a novice to this approach at monetizing your site with adsense then this is an excellent book. !!. I have his first copy, and can honestly say it was an eye opener.

    Dont delay get yours today !! :-p

    Monday, March 06, 2006

    I've caught the marketing BUG

    You know you have the marketing bug when:
    everywhere you go and everything you do all you see or think about are marketing ideas and opportunities !!

    Case in point:
    On sunday I was doing groceries with the significant other, and our 5 year old boy.
    So we're strolling down an aisle and what am I doing?, maybe I'm doing this unconciously but the important thing is I caught myself doing it!!
    I was watching what my lil guy and the significant other were doing or looking at, with the can I sell that, is there an affiliate product or merchant for that?, point of view in mind.
    So there we are in a loblaws (for those of who dont know what a loblaws is, its a HUGE grocery store, 100,00 sq footer. here in Canada) we round a corner and the little guy spys dvd's.
    SO he jaunts off to go look I go with him. And what do you know !! he runs right to the bin that has TONS of dvd's for a dollar, why they were a dollar is BEYOND me. These were top rate dvds. The terminator platinum series, bruce willis tears of the sun, Caddy shack, Animal house. Just to name a few All for a dollar.!!! I could barely contain myself!!!
    SO Im loading up on dvd's my sig other catches me and says "shaners, what the hell are you doing?!!".

    I looked at her like she was on crack and said "duh I'm gonna sell these on ebay theyre only a freeking dollar !!!

    insane huh.

    I think this is a fairly common dimentia in marketers, or thats what I'm telling myself until I get into the therapy couch. The opportuinities are boundless I tell you !!!

    Man they even had video games !! I'm gonna go back i think and get a few !!!

    The point being though, that there are many places to find items to sell some of them are right under your nose, or in your local grocery store.

    I'll rent my 5 yr old to you and he'll find some stuff for you to sell, I'm sure of it.

    This also ties in nicely to my find a need fill a need post, scroll down and find it...

    Kids are a great inspiration!! while I'm on the topic!!!

    SO my significant other markets Party light candles. part time. She loves candles we burn LOADS of them. They're a consumable so people will always have to replace what they've burned !!!
    We were dropping off the monster at day care, I'm barley awake in the passenger seat, having my morning Mocha.
    She gets out and brings him in, about 2 mins later she returns I figured he left his snacks or some such in the car.
    She leans in and asks me drive to the house and get a Partylight catalog, I asked what the hell for, its 7 am and I havent had a full pot of coffee yet ( what that had to do with anything is completely irrelevant, but it was the truth).
    SO like a good lil robot I drive back home and grabbed a catalog, she brings it in, and comes back I ask her what the hell did he want a catalog for. ( i figured for craft day so he could cut out candles or something), Im so dull sometimes i know. Bear with me on this will ya its almost over.
    SO she says to me, he asked me to grab one so he could give it to natalie (his day care teacher) I shrugged it off), so she gets a call later that week for a 15 person partlyight candle party, My significant other on the referral of our 5 yr old made 600 bux !!!!.
    Yes we told him and took him to the sports store and bought him a snow board as a commish for the work he did !!
    pretty cool huh !!
    Axiom: Follow your kids, they'll lead you to money !!!
    Ok I'm done now!!

    Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Ping that blog !!

    The long winded sales page contest

    Hey gang !!
    Yesterday I was surfing my favourites folder looking for an affiliate product I think I misplaced in my favourites menu. I never did find it :-P.
    I try to keep my faves "organized" you know so I can find things later.
    Good lord do I ever have a load of them too.
    I'm sure I was a squirrel in another life.
    Its actually a bone of contention here on the range.
    My significant other is amazed by what I keep or wont throw away "cause I might need it later", I think I get it from my dad. Anyways thats another post for another day.

    So anyways in the search, it dawned on me that MAN there some LONG winded sales pages out there !! I mean really how long do these pages REALLY need to be and do the creators of these sales pitches really think the average jo has the time to read through them?

    I'll tell you from my own surfing experience what I DO.
    I open one of these links see the name of the product, read the first few lines to get the feel of it, then look over to the side bar scroll box thingy look at how small or big it is then start scrolling through the endless testemonials, and click bank "look at how much money I'm gonna make if you buy this product" ;-P.
    and get to the bottom of the page to see how much this is gonna cost me?!!

    JUST get to the POINT will ya already !!

    YA I might be a bit of an idiot
    So I thought it might be a fun thing to have a contest to run !!

    Who has the longest winded sales page?.
    I wont include any affiliate links. Just the URL !! I'm sure this is a bad idea. But oh well !!! you may actually find something you like and I'll lose the referral, BAH who cares this gonna be fun !!!

    Add to this by posting a reply.
    These arent in any order just the order in which I opened them.
    So here we go !!
    1.) the lazy pig 2,241 words
    2.) google cash 4,371 words
    3.) insider Secrets of an ebay millionaire 10,810 words !! wow that's gonna be tough to beat !!
    4.) work at home dotcomology 2,548 words
    5.) rush hour web traffic 2,349 words
    6.) success university 3,343 words
    6.) xsite pro 4,564 words ..... xsite pro is a great product!!!

    Well there you haveit my top 6 picks.
    Sheesh kind of a scary look at what I have in my faves. Aint it :-P

    Saturday, March 04, 2006

    Blog Explosion !!

    Hey gang !!
    I was surfing last night for places to ping my blog, I dont remember the keyword I used... but I found Blog explosion. Here's how it works. You register(obiviously) upload your blog title. Then you can surf blogs to get credits, or earn credits that allow you to upload a banner, to get your blogger noticed, theres games you play online to earn your blog credits as well. You can refer others to your blog that also get you credits to get your blog noticed. I love this program. If you're anything like me and enjoy reading blogs, then this is great for you. You can surf by category or just randomly. Which I found a hoot last night.
    So I suggest you try it out Blogexplosion.

    While I'm at it.
    Do you have any great suggestions for blog submission sites or ping services. You use or would like to reccomend to others

    Radio Station Rant

    OK today I'm gonna take advantage of the fact taht I have a blog to ranr and rave.

    I live in Ottawa (Canada's capital, nice place you should visit it) there are basically 5 radio stations on the fm band.

    Chez 106
    The bear
    Kiss Fm
    Hot 89.9
    live 88.5
    and bob fm 93.9
    Ok that was 6

    You'd think with having 5 stations to listen to that you'd have some musical variety while driving about doing whatever it is that you do during the day or on weekends.
    WRONG. For the longest while I was listening to the bear. and it was all good, great music selection on the new genre's BUT then it all changed. The bear started to compete with chez ( ottawa's classic rock station) they started to play pink floyd zeppelin, black sabbath, ozzie etc etc. Basically trying to compete with chez. Chez has been around since i was in my teens. Im 40 now. Crap I'm getting old huh :-P So now when Im listening to the bear and Floyd comes on I flip to chez, Guess what chez is playing, you got it. SO ok I flip to another station. And theyre either playing Knickel back's "this is how you remind me" Which in ottawa is just OVER KILL or theyre playing Cold play , which also is or is closely getting OVERKILLED too.. SO again I flip to another stion and theyre playing John cougar "jack and diane" ARRRRRGHHHH it is just driving me nuts !!!

    Ok so where Am I going with this?. Well my wife and I have discussed and we're going to get satellite raio. Free Online Trial of SIRIUS' 100% Commercial-Free Music I think it is about time that the radio stions get competition Im so tired of the same nonsense being played in a 4 hr rotation. Christ you can set your clock by their rotations !! SO what I say is this why dont we all band togethor and start getting the word out there that there is an alternative to the crap on the radio and cut through the endless BS " coming up next a 45 commercial free rock mix" yeah like I wanna listen to the latest OVERKILL on your station and have to endure it again in 4 hrs..
    Try Sirius radio
    Free Trial - Sirius

    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Blogging to the bank Review

    Rob Benwell's new ebook, Blogging to the bank
    is intriguing.Rob earns up to $516 a day from a network of blogs.
    What's intriguing about this is that he's not a longtime blogging guru. He's been blogging for only a few months. He didn't learn the process he uses from anyone else."I came across parts of this method by accident and just testing different things," he says. In one experiment, he found he got a blog with 20 links to it to outrank an optimized website which had 1,000 links to it. Surprisingly, he uses and recommends Google's Blogger.comsoftware - because it works - and also a no-cost keyword researchtool.

    To back up his claims, he shows you four of his blogs and also shows you two of his high-demand key phrases that rank highly. I checked. Yes, his blogs DO appear in the top 10 in MSN for high-demand phrases. For one phrase (using quotation marks) he's No.6 out of 774,216pages. If you search without quotation marks, he's beating millions of pages. What's more, he's doing this with a NEW blog.
    I checked the profiles of four of his blogs. They were all launched in January this year.
    Rob uses AdSense and affiliate links and has much better success with affiliate links than AdSense, perhaps because of the way inwhich he selects affiliate products.
    For his traffic, he concentrates on MSN and Yahoo."Some people devote 60 hours per week trying to get into Google and trying to work out their exact algorithms," he says.
    As far as he's concerned, his time is much better spent creating new blogs which get found in MSN and Yahoo. If the blogs eventually get into Google, he regards that as a bonus. In Blogging to the Bank, he describes three ethical ways to get hundreds or perhaps thousands of one-way links to your site. This is all good, solid stuff. However, his traffic generation methods No.4 and No.5 are - to put it mildly - controversial. You probably won't want to use them. They look awfully risky to me.
    As a partly reformed perfectionist, I can't help looking at Rob's blogs and seeing typing mistakes, grammatical errors, design flaws... The blogs look, well, rushed.The whole process he's developed seems too darn simple - but it WORKS.
    He shows you the results to prove it.
    It's fascinating that he does it using free software,without buying domain names, without buying web hosting, without buying advertising. Rob's ebook is a very quick read - only 39 pages.
    It includes screenshots showing you how he sets up a blog. There's no fluff. If your online results aren't as good as his, I strongly recommend you check out what he's doing. It's a cheap way of getting revenue coming in fast.
    Review courteys of Allen Gardyne of associate programs

    Webite authoring (building)

    Hey people !!
    Looks like some people are catching on to Xsite pro's powerful website creation abilities.
    For a while I was using FP2003. Which I found ok. It needs tweaking here and there, but for me it was better than note pad. I REALLY dont have the time to hand code and check everything. So FP2003 was ALOT easier.
    Then came along Xsite pro. Its got a great user interface, has SEO tools to help your rankings (if thats what you want) Dont forget the content though. Spiders like content.

    Xsite pro allows you to make changes globally with out messing about with it. I think of it as kinda like a template based thingy, you just add content and update whammo done, EASY !!! If you dont want to spend alot of time learing html and fooling about with tag and all the other jargon, then AGAIN I recommend Xsite pro

    Basically you can make a site in a day. As opposed to fp 2003 (for me anyways) taking a week. And then having the damned thing look out of whack once posted. Ive had table troubles and cell problems. More probs than I can think of. I dont usually hype about softwares but....... If you want usability and ease of use then I recommend it. Like I said in one of my other posting here, Im a practical guy I like things that work and this works. SO check it out !!

    I dont think I'll un-install FP 2003 but I'll probably use it less and less .... My two cents.
    I cant tell you how many books , well ok i'll tell you 5 and I honestly dont know how many ebooks and html freebies ive downlaoded only to wind up looking at html codes, ARRRRGGGHHHHH no-more !!!

    View My Stats