Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Bought hosting with Host Gator

Heres my host gator review.
Ive been toying with the idea of buying some hosting getting my own website up and running. So I toiled with the whole thing of who to go with I looked at go-daddy. But didnt like their commercials. Sad I know but hey I watch a whole lot of tv. And didnt like the commercials so that was out. So I did more searching, looking for cheap hosting of course. So I wound up on a friends site and saw this host gator ad.
So I decide to click away at it and see what they offer.
WOW was I surprised at how cheap hosting really can be.
I bought the baby package.
Check it out here 9.95 /month now thats cheap. I usually toil over simple things and details for long periods of time until i finally get fed up and then just buy it to ease the pain. Not so with host gator. I jumped right away!!
Why?, well when you go there and check it out for yourself you'll see that for basically 10 bux a month you get unlimited everything. Domains, subdomains. the list goes on.
PLUS and this was the kicker for me ... the control panel and fantastico. I like easy and not complicated. I don't want to have to fool around with ftp and all the other jargon and nonsense. I like select file , upload bing bang done. Clickety click and away you go. Nice and simple!!!
Thinking about buying some hosting I suggest you try host gator

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